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I'm confused

Ok no change there then but I read Gins breakfast Christmas day menu and I am wondering if I am actually being too cautious here. I take 2 night meds dosulepin and clonezapam both say avoid alcohol so I have done but do I need to is it ok to have the odd small tipple now and again... I have bought non alcoholic wine for Christmas but its just not the same, if anyone is on similar or the same meds and has a drink please let me know


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These meds won't make you sick with alcohol like others do (metronidazole) what they will do is make the effects of alcohol enhanced obviously some people are sensible with alcohol and others not so much so you can drink but do it carefully because you don't want to knock yourself out or do anything too silly :) have a merry Christmas xxxxx


Well VG i doibt unless a medical profession on here any can answer that one but.......

My advice check 1st google it too see what others say.

On my meds Lyrica it says Warning do not drink alcholol and i do but no more than 2!!!

What i do is put a drop of wine in bottom of glass and mix with lemonade or whatever the rest for a hint of alcholol.

Also on other meds and tbh if your not fussed then dont bother.

Just a little if anything .

Dr's will say and if you ask they may say at your discretion a little is ok or not at all.

With me once working in pharmacy i was told the ONE medication u do never to drink with is Metronizadole.

A little tipple because like my bday back in april i had 3 of them little bottles wine and was so so very ill !!! And its the worst possible type very very sick i was .

So it is what you can take and if not dramk anyway VG you wont manage much!!!

I have a sherry . I was saying how kissmas day i will miss the dinner table tipple of champagne i may just mix it though.

I would not drink on codeine and Tramadol jeez no way.

Lets be merry and happy ;-) xxx but safely xx


Thanks both I hadn't thought of mixing .... Of course a bucks fizz is mixed with orange juice so I could have a little glass of that....I never drank much but I miss the occasional one on special occasions

Wanders off happily

VG x


if it was me I'd ring the surgery, leave a message with the receptionist asking her to ask the Dr and get back to me just to be safe.

It says on my Prozac not to drink but I hadn't noticed. I went away for a few days with some friends and had about 4 bottles of Smurnoff Ice and had to be virtually carried back to our cottage which isn't normal for me at all. I mentioned it to the Dr later on and got the telling off of my life. Apparently I could of had a fit at the very least or at the worst a stroke.

I've never had a drink since - too scared to!!

My motto now is I don't touch the stuff just to be safe but if I wanted to I'd check with a Dr first.

Hope you have a happy christmas either way VG xx


Hello VG - you have asked a very good question particularly at this time of year, so thank you. I am sure this is relevant to so many of us here.

Firstly here is some info on your med Clonazepam -

"Do not drink alcohol while you are taking clonazepam as this will increase the feelings of sleepiness."


Info on Dosulepin -

"It is recommended that you avoid drinking alcohol while taking this medicine because it may enhance drowsiness."


If you click on the links I have provided, it will explain what types of medications these are and more about why you shouldn't drink alcohol with these medications. The reasons being because they are likely to make you feel very drowsy.

At the end of the day VG, it is up to you. There won't be any serious side effects with having a small glass of say sherry or a small glass of wine, but I wouldn't have any more than that personally. It just isn't worth it and could make you feel really out of it. It really depends how you handle alcohol and the risk you are prepared to take.

I hope that helps you. Any queries or concerns about this, please feel free to ask and we will always do our best to help and advise as best we can.

Take care.

(((hug))) xxx



Thanks LIbs I guess it's a no then I had tests on my liver and I don't metabolise opiates or alcohol normally,,,,,,, so a small glass of wine and Is enough to make me feel slightly drunk and my gums go numb, and that's why I can't take any opiate. Meds like morphine or co dydramol etc...

And I certainly don't want to miss Christmas day asleep so I,ll drink my non alcoholic sparkling grape drink and pretend..

Merry Christmas everyone

VG x


I too bought non alcoholic sparkling grape juice because I am now on Amitriptyline 10mg at night and it says on the leaflet to avoid alcohol.

I was wondering too If it was ok to have a small glass of wine but maybe better not to!


I have been taking clonazepam for over 20 years along with MST, Tramadol, Oromorph, Amytryptiline, and over the years many other tablets and on occasions had a drink or two and all medicines tell you to avoid alcohol. I have never had any adverse affects even though its says may make you more drowsy my sleeping habits haven't changed. I think the resin they put these things on there are to warn you that it may make you more drowsy as well as listing all the side effects I mean when you read those leaflets it makes you wonder whether you should be taking anything with all the things it can do to you.

I think a little in moderation is the key like anything. The odd drink on christmas day is not going to harm you but if you drank a couple of bottles of vodka then obviously that isn't going to do you any good. So if you want a little tipple have one.

I take 50mg of Amytryptiline at night used to be 250mg a night and i had the odd drink then if i went out (not that that was often)

MaryT a small glass of wine will not hurt you. I used to be a nurse and when nursing patients with Cancer who were on opiates we still gave them a tipple if they wanted it. Especially things like guinness or milk stout even the odd drop of brandy or whisky.

Enjoy your christmas it is only once a year and we spend so much time suffering and missing out on things that others take for granted.


dear vg

hope you had a great xmas break - i think its moderation - one small alcohol drink with other cold drinks can lift your spirits

i had light wine at xmas with ice and water really nice and you don't feel the odd one out xxx


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