Christmas has arrived!

Christmas has arrived!

Christmas has finally arrived at ours, took 3 days for me to dress the tree etc. Do a bit, rest an hour, do a bit more, rest for two hours. ....oh my days this fibro malarkey is such a beast! At this rate they'll be staying up till next Christmas, not looking forward to packing them away again to say the xx Merry Christmas to you all!!

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  • Well it looks like it was worth all the effort . . . beautiful. Well done.


  • Thank you Margaret, I sm really pleased now it's finished xx

  • Looks beautiful, I love the fireplace xx

  • Aww thank you, it is cosy xx

  • Wow, that's so pretty, well done you 😄🎄

  • Thank you, totally wrecked now, bedtime me thinks x

  • Hi, my trimmings were brought down 30th Nov. Still not all up, I gave my big tree and baubles, lights, and skirt to my grandchildrens primary school, well appreciated, and now I've got one that has just lights, I've got that many ornaments and things it's just overwhelming, and I'm beaten before I start, the first bend in the bag, my back start, then my arms and hands start, time to sit. I am now of them mind that whatever I put up I'll have to get down and we have no visitors except immediate family so they inderstand so I might put half of it back, it's still festive looking. Yours look beautiful it makes me phew just looking at it, well beautiful just beautiful. Take care.

  • Thank you Poppy, really pleased now I can sit back and enjoy it, ready for painkillers and bed now....nite nite x

  • I feel just the sae! Have been going to put tree up since Sunday but feel exhausted. I really will have to make an effort at least for my families sake! I dont want them to know how bad I feel. Could just cry but then I think I am just feeling sorry for myself! There I feel a lot better now I have had a rant. Thanks for listening everyone. Hope you are all having a good day!

  • I know the feeling mine are going back upstairs the ones I haven't put up. Best wishes x

  • Goodnight my friend.xsleep tight

  • Paddys mum... Just lovely and Christmasy, ... love the log burner, ours is the same.

    Jane x

  • WOW! That looks absolutely amazing. You must be very pleased with yourself for this :)

  • Very pretty!!

  • Thanks everyone, about finished me off but well worth it own I can just sit and look at my efforts.....fibro is a real demon, still onward and upward, I will NOT let it spoil my Christmas, here's hoping all you fellow fibro mites have a pain free good Christmas too! xxxx Love and gentle hugs to you all!! xxxxx

  • Looks lovely, festive and snug. Just put my tree up too and it took me 3 days too! Day 1 getting the tree and decorations out, day 2 putting together the tree and lights, day 3 putting decorations on!

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