passing strangers

Feeling a bit low,I dialled my brother's number and a jolly person wished me season's greetings.

not recognising the voice I said "Sorry,I think I've dialled the wrong number."

quick as a flash she said

"well I haven't picked up the wrong phone..."

I actually did laugh out loud! I thanked her for cheering me up. she wished me season's greetings and we hung up.

I don't know who she was, but she changed my day by making me laugh and giving me a funny tale to share. angels take many forms.



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  • That's nice Sandra, sometimes a stranger can make all the difference! That happened to me at the local shops, people were so friendly. I didn't know them, but there was a lovely cheery atmosphere, it really helps! :)

    (((hug))) xxx


  • it does, I've met some nice people lately since I started using my scooter. I have time to look up now I'm not struggling to move or breathe or in worse pain. It's a nice thought that we might affect someone positively but never know it...


  • Yes absolutely! It's good to hear that you're getting about with your scooter Sandra, it will do you so much good.

    Make sure you rest afterwards though. :)


  • thanks, I am fit for nothing, but its a new learning curve of aches pains & tired but I'll adjust.

    I'm just glad that I can get out and see Christmas going on for real people and not just on tv. *


    *whilst writing that, my words sunk in and it felt like a deep breath of icy cold air - I didn't know that I felt way or that isolated. I'm quite moved.

  • You'd be surprised. You are not fit for nothing, as your cheerful replies and smiles will brighten others lives as you get out and about. Never think you are fit for nothing. You are a FM survivor - NOT a victim. [Believe this as it does help].

    Oh, and Happy Christmas and a less painful New Year!

  • thankyou and seasons greetings!


  • How nice to have a wrong number that cheerful, I got a text on my mobile recently that said be ready for 3.30 and can you tell Ralph... Well I felt compelled to text back and say I would be ready and waiting at 3.30 but who was I waiting for and who was Ralph . Got a text back .. Oops sorry wrong number.... To this day I still wonder what treat I missed out on and who Ralph is.........

    VG x

  • Ralph says hi,

    he's 5'10 and looks like a young brad pitt!


  • Wrap him up in Christmas wrapping paper and send him special delivery please....

    VG :)

  • computer says no.

  • Yeah but no but yeah but well

    Sulks on the settee


  • chuckles

  • If any of you live near Bawtry pop into the shops there the people are just so friendly - I visited my friend who lives near there and I was amazed!!!

  • A smile usually brings a smile. Ignore those who do not smile back, maybe they are thinking of something and not focusing on your smile. Don't let it hurt you. Take care of your heart, we don't want that hurting too!

  • nice - thanks for sharing :) xx

  • It is so nice whent hings like this happen. Someone cheery on the other end of a 'mistake' lol xxxx

  • it reminds me of the old saying

    "If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!"


  • I have not hears that before it is excellent :) xgins

  • Sometimes, doing something nice for others, whether they are strangers or not, can make you feel so much better in yourself. Once I was stood at a bus stop and this car pulled up. The lady driver asked if I would like a lift into town. I had never seen her before and I thought "why not"? As I got in the back seat, another lady who was standing at the bus stop, got in the front seat and it quickly became apparent that they knew each other! I was mortified but to their credit, they never said anything to me about getting in the car. They just chatted away to each other and to me, until we reached town. I got out of the car as quickly as possible, saying "thank you very much for the lift". To which the lady said I was welcome.

    About a year later, after I had passed my driving test and bought myself a car (I was a late developer - in my 40's before I learnt to drive), I was driving past that same bus stop. The weather was filthy, pouring with rain & very cold. I saw two people at the bus stop and I suddenly remembered my encounter the year before. So I stopped and asked them if they would like a lift into town. One lady said no but the other lady, who was elderly, said yes and gratefully got into the car. As we drove, we chatted and was amazed at the similarities our lives held. She said she rarely saw anyone and her husband was very ill in hospital. We became good friends that day until sadly she passed away a few years later.

    I still look out at that bus stop to see if the opportunity to help someone out is there. and I still giggle with embarrassment whenever I think about that first incident!

  • oh that's so funny blue-eyes! and so easy to get the wrong idea. I've gone to answer many people's "hello" only to realise they're on a mobile.

    Many years ago I worked in a part of Liverpool and got a Crosville bus the 20 miles home. The buses where on strike but ran one an hour. A car pulled up and a lady offered me a lift.

    her husband had picked her up and they took a detour to pick up myself and 2 others she remembered from her every day journey - how thoughtful!


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