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hello, i know i should of done all my paperwork for my

tribunal ive had enough time just not been able to get my head round it to prepare myself. so here i am my dla appeal is in a couple of days. there are so many papers, a huge stack of them. so i was thinking all i can do is tell it how it is, & point out all the things i don't agree with like their dr's report & how can they make their decision on a report from my that i don't even know

& have never even spoke to saying unknown all the way thru as to how i am affected. my daughter who is taking me is helping with papers after she finishes work, i was thinking shall i write seperatly about how i am affected such as foggy brain & pain etc? i was also thinking of doing a drawing & highlighting in red & orange/ yellow the pain levels. what do you think i should do please ? xx

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Hi fibro10

Firstly, please do not panic! Secondly, take a deep breath and start going through your paperwork slowly and methodically to see which are most important i.e. anything that states you have some kind of disability are more relevant than something that says you are going to see a consultant etc. Quality will be more important than quantity during the appeal, as they will be under time constraints.

I think you are right to write everything down and state how that it all affects you. Do not waste any time by listing the things that you can do, but emphasise all the things you cannot do no matter how irrelevant they may appear to you, they may hold the key to you accumulating enough points at the appeal?

A colour code or number 0 - 10 indicator are all just as good, as long as you emphasise that you cannot do certain things. You will be scored on points for disabilities and how they affect your day to day life. So these are the things to try and concentrate on. I do not know your circumstances but I will list some examples below to give you an idea?

Can you prepare and cook a meal? Say what difficulties you have such as standing, holding and using cutlery etc.

Can you dress yourself? Say if you cannot fasten your shoes yourself or tie laces anymore, or buttons etc?

Can you bathe or shower yourself? Say if you cannot manage to wash you hair or reach your feet to wash them etc?

Can you use the toilet easily? Say if you struggle to get off the toilet because it is low down etc?

Basically, concentrate on how your life has been affected by your illness and what disabilities you have as a result of this?

Good luck with this my friend and please keep us up to date with how you get on.

Ken x


thank you so much, you have given me good advice there, i will let you know how i get on thank you x


I wrote a diary of a usual day or two in my life, and gave it to the tribunal to read. I also wrote a list for myself of things to remeber to tell them, including my medical history (brief) over the years. It helped me win my appeal for DLA a couple of years ago. Take your time and good luck.


thank you shazzy x


well i had my tribunal today i was awarded low care til 2015 but no mobility, so better than nothing x


Congratulations for what you have been awarded but I sense that you are a little downhearted by this award? At least next year you will have a better understanding and knowledge of how it all works and hopefully you can then get a much better award?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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