Frustrating i am currently trying to find accomadation in Tenerife Las AMERICAS,my partner poor thing has sore fingers trying to find availibility but it's frustrating.the apartment we used to use the lady sadly passed away.We didn't realise how lucky we were having her apartment.I feel ore down today as no luck,i don't want to stay at home for Christmas,Humbug Baah! you might say ,i need warming up in that nice sunshine,all my family are grown up.Jacksiex

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  • Warmth would be great! Hope you get it :)

  • Thanks Raemomma would be nice to hire a Jumbo Jet we could all go then.Imagine all us Fibromites on the beach all moaning and groaning aches and pains do you think,thanks very much Jacksiex

  • hi we love it over there , went 1 xmas 14 years ago , it did seem strange swimming in the sea on christmas day tho.

    I hope you find somewhere soon there has been a lot of building going on since we were last there x

  • Irisjoy we have been 8 years running now but the apartment we usually have is no longer available,that's in Las Americas but cristianos is only a short stroll away.You need to book up and revisit it's lovely,they have cleaned it up well,excited now Jacksiex

  • Hello Fibromites i definately will be warm for two weeks,we have just booked, it was hard work though there was hardly any vacancies left, we just managed to get an apartment privately owned in cristianos,i'm excited now'keep warm Jacksiex

  • Hi have a lovely warm and relaxing Xmas just love Tenerife we will hopefully visit around may time x

  • we stayed at the arona gran in los cristianos not by choice but we got bumped out of our hotel as they overbooked , we had booked 10 months earlier ! i love it as the paths etc are so good for people with walking difficulties or needing a wheelchair. Our fav hotel is the Conquistidor but it has got so expensive now.

  • I hope you find somewhere soon and you get that warmth that you need. Unfortunately for me the warmth makes no difference lol or I would say take me with you pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase xxxxxx

  • Ozzy,we fly out Tuesday morning for 10 days,can't wait ,can't believe we managed to get apartment at such short notice.We are going owners direct so i hope everything is as it should be.I would love to take all the Fibromites with me but alas theres no flight space.Maybe next year we'll hire a Jumbo Jet HA HA! suspect we would cause mayhem,but hey thanks for all your support.Let you know how i got on .Have a fantastic "Christmas" will write you when i'm back in the land of misery,love jacksiex

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