I read a comment it said "I only need my hands to work for another 15 years"

It set me thinking - I need my hands, body,brain and empathy to remain with me working, responding, to our pain levels through out the next 20 years. We have time to cultivate each other as if we were delicate blooms and our relationships will blossom like fine Orchids or hybrid roses. I find the people I have met have enriched , assisted and smoothed my path . I hope I can give back to them kindness, hope and inspiration.

Have a brilliant 1st of January xxxgins

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  • Dear gins, you have brought tears to my eyes, you can and you do regularly give out kindness, hope and inspiration to us all, you deserve all the most lovely orchids, and most beautiful roses, in huge amounts !!

    In my humble opinion I don't think you realise how much you do give out to others and inspire us, I for one am inspired more and more by you and how you cope with some really nasty disabilities and yet, you give and give ! I hope 2014 will be the year you reap the rewards of what you have sown, in and for all of us !!

    Bless you dear gins, :-)

    Foggy x

  • Absolutely Foggy! Gins you're an inspiration and don't forget it!!!! Love & hugs for 2014 xxx

  • I agree )

  • Thank you too I didnt expect the responce I have got hugs xgins

  • A hug for you too Signlady thank you xgins

  • oh thanks you have brought tears to mine this morning as I read all the posts xxgins

  • Aw :) beautiful gins :)

    You are the brightest and most colourful of orchids that people just love to be around and you bring many smiles to many faces my friend, wipe tears away and give reassurance too.

    Huge fluffies for you to make this New Year extra snuggly and comforting

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Thanks Zeb that is so lovely ( wipes tear away) I will post a pic of my wol that grandson gave me for when I get chilly (you micro it)

  • I voice all that has been said by foggy and the others , you are a true inspiration to us all I have said to you many times that although you are in pain your self you are still there for us, giving out advice love and sympathy, you manage to make us smile when we are feeling low, you are a good fibro friend to have and don't forget it, so from all of us we send you a bunch of virtual roses, orchids, &carnations, with a piece of fern at the back all wrapped up in silver paper with a beautiful red velvet bow, hope you like them, they are from all your fibro friends...gentle hugs...Dee xxxx

  • Cookie Thank you I send you the first of spring a huge bunch of snowdrops ! xxxgins

  • Thank you gins my favourite spring flower, hope you are feeling a little better ...hugs..Dee xxx

  • Thank you gins and a happy new year. That was quite beautiful. Your words are inspirational and motivational. Thank you xx

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