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Mornin MOrning MORNIN! it is time to look at the advent calendar-

So here we go Numero 14 well a stripy stocking worthy of a gieant leg in really very lurid colors. Beside a gfallen lonely star I am sure we could reas something into that -but lets head for the joke instead.

Ready..........A man went into see a psychatrist he was wearing only cling film

The shrink says "well I can clearly see youre nuts"

The roar of the crowd was eagerly awaited..........


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That's more like it GIns nuts are an essential part of the Christmas festivities...... :)

Ok yesterday's joke... I have to lodge a complaint ..... A) I had to google Bill Withers, seems I had him mixed up with bill wyman.... At least not as embarrassing had I mixed him up with bill oddie and

B) I am sure a duck bill in the oven would crisp up not wither.... Am wondering about the microwave as an option.... Where can I get some duck bills to test my theory.......

VG x


Is there a local duck pond?


I have missed so many openings so I fear I may need to try and make time to catch up xxxxx


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