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Sorry if i affended anyone let me re-word it :D

its okay people i am back once again done realy well on my exams all finished now untill the end of my course in june next year so happy about that went to my doctures like i said i would and had a doc who put it nicely wasnt understanding and dont think understood and felt like she was looking down on me saying i havent got fibro and all the rest realy should keep to my nice doc infuter ordering me to once again have more blood tests (im not a pin coushen no matter how fun it is for you) finaly back on anti-deppresants flouxatine omoprazel and now on amatirptaline fun hay and yet even tho i broke down in there still no pain killers just wont to be normal again

And just to top it off was in college today catching up on work because the first time in over a week i have felt okay and some stupid girl goes and pulls a chair out from underneath me so in so much pain again and just because i kicked off at her i get sent home what a p**s take or what

anyway rant over hope everyone is okay and not in to much pain or to tyerd :D xx

((hugs)) xx

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You haven't offended anyone Nikita, but thank you for reposting. There was no need though, the edit was fine. :)

Well done for doing well in your exams, that's great to hear.

Unfortunately there are Doctors out there who don't understand Fibromyalgia which makes it more difficult when this happens.

Hopefully with your new meds you should start to feel a bit better when they kick in. Give them sufficient time to get into your system and to work efficiently for you. If you have any concerns, please report back to your GP.

If you don't think you have sufficient pain relief, mention this to your GP, they may be able to help you with this.

Sorry to hear about what happened at college today.

Take care, we are here for you and will help and support you as much as we can.

(((hug))) xxx



Nikita there will always be idiots like that. When you go back into school speak to the person who sent you home and explain what happened and what is wrong with you,then they should have a better understanding of what your going through. I bet you haven't told them what is wrong,(i know i wouldn't have wanted to tell anybody at your age) I would also get a letter from your friendly gp and throw that at them in the nicest possible way ( kenny everett saying).

I hope that you feelk a bit better this


well done in you,r exams. take it one day at a time. talk to people and tell them what you are going through. good luck for you,r future, we are all here for you.


hi,anti deppresants act as a pain relief in fibro sufferers,,i take naproxin tramadol and solpadol for the pain,so if i was you i would ask your doc about it xx


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