As I posted Thursday, I have won my appeal to be put in support group.I truly believe that contacting my local MP helped me. He responded the next day and said that although he doesn't have any control of the DWP, he wanted to support me in my appeal. Am not saying it will happen with all MP'S but it is worth a try. Also contact your local D.A.I.L office, they r amazing. Hope this helps. :) x x

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  • You have a very good M.P. I contacted mine about not getting free pescriptions any longer on E.S.A about 3 months ago and he's just completely ignored me. I voted for him aswell!! I won't vote for him again

  • that's a nice thing to know,but you know MPs had a meeting to see if FIBRO qualified for DLA,i can't remember when but somewhere along the way i read it,i'm sure it had good recognition.All this backwards and forwards is rubbish we are entitled to some rate of DLA,they get bonuses for as many they can throw off or the more refused.very happy for youjacksiex

  • I notice you don't get free prescriptions any more. Did you know that you can get a pre-payment certificate for prescriptions. It costs £10.40 a month. It saves me a fortune. I have a good GP too, who puts anything you could buy without prescription on mine.

  • congrats on your appeal you give me hope.

  • That's good to hear IJ, so pleased for you! :)

    (((hug))) xxx

    Hope you manage to have a good weekend!


  • If you are on a low income, you can apply for free prescriptions. Ask for Form HC1 at your chemist.

    Cheers, Midori

  • I have a pre payment certificate, it saves so much money x

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