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Is it any wonder we get confused

I saw my GP today to ask for a referral to a fibro specialist and was told our PCT dont allow for out of the trust referrals. He has however referred me to a different hospital the John Radcliffe. So i will see what they say but he said he agrees with my consultant that there is nothing they can do other than amitryptiline. I sat there in tears and he just didnt seem to care. He then said my MCTD isn't active as i have no inflammation. Then i went to see the nurse for my monthly bloods and got the results if last months and was told my ESR is 17 the normal range is upto 12 and my CRP is 6.5 so im not sure how that says no inflammation.... I guess I'll just have to wait until i see the new consultant. I don't expect a magic wand but some help would be good as im really struggling

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hi SuzyB i wonder if your GP had the up to date blood results ? his comments deffinately do not tally with the nurses, at least you are going to another hospital so hopefully you will have a more sympathetic consultant.

Have they tried you on other meds ? it really should be ami or nothing.

It makes me so cross when they don't listen to us , we KNOW whats going on and some of us have been telling them for years .

warm hugs to you


I am glad you got a referral and I hope you get some help with meds soon xxxxx


The GP has the same system as the nurse so I would assume as I saw them 10 mins apart that the results were there. Oh well fingers crossed that the next consultant will have a clue or will at least be able to give me more advice than learn to live with it


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