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That alien in me foot, you know the one I had to mention,

It as me walking oh so slow, it's time to get me pension,

It moved again overnight, it's walked a bloody inch,

An when I put me shoes on it really starts to pinch,

Do you think it will hatch, what could it ruddy be,

Keep an eye upon the news, it might get on tv,

I can see it now, it's in the press, it's even on the box,

"Alien bursts from women's foot, it's eating through her socks".

I watch me step, I'm takin care on where I need to stand,

Maybe I can halt it's tracks and wear a rubber band,

It's quite a little blighter, a lovely pretty shiny blue,

I ave never seen owt like it, so tell me if you do,

You hear of things around the world invading peoples skin,

It could be something deep inside, wiggling within,

I'll keep you posted about it's travels, and where it's heading to,

An bugger it, I feel so down, I think I have the flu.

Why does it always appen, when things are goin fine,

My body takes a heppy and oversteps the line,

I know I should be happy that me faculties are here,

But now I ave a whizzing noise buzzin through me ear,

I think I know what it is, in fact I'm pretty sure,

I should be used to all of this as I plummet to the floor,

It's that ruddy menieres, it makes the room go round,

I'll finish this off later once up from off the ground.

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Hi Ozzy

another great verse m'love.. hows your thyroid? I have a blue spot on my foot and when I did a reflexology course I found out that the muscle that shows blue on your foot (dorsal) is a sign of thyroid problems (which I already knew I had) hope the pain lessens and you find it easier to get about soon




This was one I wrote last year, well I did two. It turns out I have gout, showed up in the blood tests lol. Now that did make me feel older than my years. xxxxx(get my thyroid checked each year)


My hubby had gout year before last said it hurt like hell . Sithy


He is right, it does hurt like hell and things get no better if you get it in yur hands too xxxxx


Ouch his was in his foot and that was bad enough 2 cripples together lol. Liz


Perfect company all round then lol xxxxx


Wonderful stuff again Ozzy, great to read! :D


Well it keeps me busy and keep others entertained. So job done xxxxx


Oh yes I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv to be entertained lol. Sithy


lol Beth xxxxx


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