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I dont often get on the site as much as I'd like to because of family commitments & my own personal problems.

I just want to ask you all do I come on this site & get digs at you all at every opportunity?

I simply ask because without being named (because of guidelines) a certain member accuses someone of doing this.

Due to a past incident for which I publicly apologised I am assuming I am the person the member is getting at.

I simply ask because if it is me the remarks are aimed at I feel they are unjustified & if this is the case I would have been spoken to about it.

Please let me know if I have committed this offence.

Many thanks


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Hi Jackie

If you have a problem with a particular post, please contact an Admin with a link to that post. If you feel any post is malicious, abusive or deliberately misleading, please do Report it by hitting the Report button.

Otherwise, I'm not sure how I or the team can help, sorry.



Hello there Jackie, I have replied to another message of yours about this on another thread and also privately.

Please be assured we always do our best for all our members and will help and support them in any way we can to the best of our ability.

Best wishes.



Thank you both for your replies. I very much appreciate them & have done what was suggested.

Many thanks.



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