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Hi all,despite being seen by my "specialist" Gp who dropped Fibro on me recently despite the symptoms of that and arthritis for over 9 yrs(see my other posts lol) I have never been referred to an arthritis or rheumatology specialist.

I do see a trauma and orthopaedic consultant for my hands and neck but he doesn't look at me as other body parts if you like just neck and hands(??!!)

Are you supposed to be referred to a specialist or is this par for the course?


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I have only ever seen my rheummy for my arthritis not fibro my gp diagnosed it over 20 years ago, I got moulded to measure insoles from the orthotic dept and he got me to the right person for house aids but he finally discharged me back to my gp cos every med or injection he gave me made me worse

VG x


Dear Raemomma,

Every situation is different and your GP may be under the impression you condition is under control with his / her input. If you are experiencing symptoms not be addressed by the GP or you feel you would like a Rheumatology Appointment , you can ask to be referred.

Seeing a Rheumatologist for symptom control is usually advised as they are should have more knowledge than the GP, however everyone's experience of the Healthcare they receive appears to different. Some may say their GP addresses they condition better than the Consultants and vice versa.

The Rheumatologist is however the Specialist you would see for Fibromyalgia.

You may want to consider the option of this referral and maybe a Pain Clinic Referral too.

Hope this helps

All the best



My so called "Specialist" Rheumatologist who I have been seeing for over 9yrs due to other osteoporosis & osteoarthritis problems, has now spaced my appointments out to once a year as in her words " there is no more I can do for you"!!! Great!

I get a bone density scan every 2 yrs to check it is not getting worse, I call it my "stop the rot " campaign, if it was not for that test, I would discharge myself from her so called "care"!

Hope you fare better if you do decide to see one, good luck!

Gentle hugs xx


I was diagnosed by a rheumy many years ago and although I am now having symtpoms of CFS my GP is relunctant to send me to another rheumy and won't commit to CFS either so I am in limbo on that one.xxxxx


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