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I am totally amazed, pleased, and sceptical

Three days of taking Amitriptyline 10 mg can you actually even get a lower dose... I am all of the above and wondering if I am in the middle of good fibro days and it's actually nothing to do with the tablets.. Cos I am sleeping like a log, waking up normal time, my hands though swollen first thing are not red or stuck into fists. And apart from usual arthrickety bits my fibro feels like its been told to behave like at naughty child by my old headmistress and is waiting quietly outside the classroom door,

If anyone is having a real bad unusual flare my apologies as it might be mine as well as yours if mine has decided to go walkabout, but I feel better fibro wise....... The sceptical part of me expects to wake up tomorrow feeling like I am 87 but hey ho today is good. Oh and my appetite has really calmed down , I am sitting on furniture not nibbling it like an out of control tapeworm..... Oh well expect it will all back fire by weds and you can all look smug when I post everything has gone pear shaped.....

VG xx

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Oh it sounds like it is really doing you good I wonder if I can have some to try! I am always searching for something and my rheumy tries hard but has not suggested this I dont know why as so many of you are reaping the benefits. Hey ho so glad it is helping :) xgins


I had the same when I first went on it. Like you I was only taking 10mg but because it aided my sleep I felt better or at least better able to cope with the pain during the day. Unfortunately for me that dose didn't last for long and I now take 50mg daily but it was worth some of the side effects to get sleep :) hope it continues to work for you x


Hi VG, yes, I remember the euphoric feeling the morning after my first dose of Amatryptaline. I had a good nights sleep and felt so much better the next day I told everybody I was cured! I really hope that you find that it lasts for does for some people and you might be one of them. Unfortunately it didn't last for me and I had to keep increasing the dose. You are probably right to be cynical but add a healthy dose of optimism into the mixture as you seem to have found a medication that helps even if it might not be a 'forever' thing. Jane x


I doubt we will be feeling smug if it all goes pear shaped on you as I think most of us have been there. Good days and then to find it has all gone wrong again. At the moment mine is just not going right fullstop. I hope the good days keep happening for you hun xxxxx


Hi I am on Amitriptyline and when I first took it I was the same ,slept well first time for two I have been put up to 20mg not much different really but not needing to go up more. It has helped a bit on the fibro side,but I still cannot walk or drive my car. I still fall backwards too,which is very frightening as it comes out of the blue. Even dragged my husband down night before last....What I need to try to do is go to bed before I am so utterly exhausted that might help lol ;-)

Gentle Hugs x


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