The end of the day

OK my day started i bit black but has ended with a more positive me thankfully and that is in part with you my fellow fibromites and in part to watching my girl swim and her amazing smile and to Paul who spoke me through the finances and we have worked out we are ok just. And just that we will get through whatever but together, so tomorrow is the start of a positive me and it starts with an ECG :) night night my dear web friends xxx

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  • That's a wonderful end to your day Rachie, so pleased for you both!

    That's the way to do it! :)

    Here's to the future, starting tomorrow for you!

    (((hug))) xxx

  • Thanks Liberty, and thank you for your constant help and all the info you give to every one. You give your time and knowledge and i'm sure i'm not alone when i say

    Thank You

  • Thank you so much Rachie, that's so kind of you to say this! I really appreciate it, I honestly do! It's my pleasure helping you and as many members as I can.

    I love FibroAction and it's become a huge part of my life now. I am here every day come rain or shine, so please feel free (and this applies to everyone!) to contact me at any time, I am always only too happy to help where I can. :)

    If you'd sooner not post here in the community, I am always contactable privately using our message system where everything is in confidence. (Go to my profile, look on the left, click on send a message, I will reply asap! :) )

    Thanks again Rachie, take care. :D

    (((hug))) xxx

  • No Rachel you are not alone in saying that. It is all so appreciated aso thankyou.

    I would have liked today to end on a positive note for a change. But at the moment I can barely walk due to popping my heel, my daughter has got yet another UTI so I have to take a water sample over to the GP on her behalf so I know I am going to be in agony as limping on one foot is putting a great strain on the other one. Hey ho life goes on eh xxxxx

  • So sorry to hear all this Ozzy, I hope your heel feels better really soon, try to rest if you can once you're back from the GP's. You are a trooper looking after your daughter so well in spite of being in such pain yourself, what a star.

    (((hug))) xxx

  • Well to get to our GP there is a long route which there is no way I could do on foot right now, and there is a short route, takes hubby 10 minutes, takes me 30 minutes, plus the calm serene stream that is half way has become a potential river. So today when I went toget her script I had to hitch up the jeans and paddle through it, I should have took my boots of too for all the use they were, they leaked! Then I had to go from there to the mall, and thought if the stream is a river then the footpath is a pond, and it was. So up came the jeans again and a second soaking to the feet. And I have to go through it all again tomorrow!!!!!! There is a bus stop outside the GPs but no timetable and we have no direct link with the buses. Taxi would cost me £6 each way. My daughter first had a UTI on 21st September, two courses of antibiotics later and she was rushed into hospital, blues and twos, as her heart rate was up to near 200 and her pulse was too slow. That was a Friday, they waited until Monday before scanning her kidneys and bladder and did not do as they were told and use a dye. So the scan looked clear and she was sent home on the Tuesday in the same state as she was rushed in. She has not been able to pee any more than a couple of teaspoonful twice a day, she has been passing stones since mid-October and they have wrecked her bladder by the look of things, so UTI two is here. So I will take her sample over tomorrow to the nurse and hopefully get in to see the GP about her. She had to sign forms allowing us to do this. Then Thursday is my respite day so I am out from 7am to 7pm. I will be exhausted lol :(

  • Bothered and not bothered by my heel, but if it is still like this after January 4th I will consider going into a cast if necessary xxxxx

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