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ratty head on

Today I have had my ratty head on, sitting all day waitingfor the welfare rights officer and 2 hours later still waiting. I get on the phone to his office really pissed of and the guy tells me he wont be in until tomorrow, teeth grinding, pain elevating, I tell him I will phone me tomorrow as I go to my DLA appeal Thursday.

Sitting here huffing and puffing, picks up diary and...............................its tomorrow he comes, thank you FM....................on the phone full of sorrys.

Feet and ankles, fingers and wrists giving me jip, anyone care to share lol

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oh dear never mind hope all goes well on thurs xx


Thanks iris I shall keep all informed........if I get the day time and year correct lol


Oh I know how it feels to get mixed up. I have turned up for appointments that have been the wrong day, wrong week and once I went a whole month early. I wish you luck for Thursday xxxxx


Good luck for thursday.

As for pains in wrists, hands and fingers mine wake me up in the night.

I find the cold really affects them and I am constantly massaging them with bio oil and some lavender, seems to help me and then I put some wrist supports on, worth a try


nana, tried all those things,but I am going to the ruemo soon and asking for splints for my wrists and ankles to see if this help me, it is when I pull the quilt up with my hands that trigger of the pain. I shall let you know if the splints work


Thanks to all, this will be my 3rd time attempting DLA, I hope this time I shall be success, I will keep you all up to date on my progress.


Hello there, not sure if you have them already, but if you email us on we will be happy to send you for free the Benefit and Work info sheets with information and advice on ESA and DLA.

I hope you find these helpful, wishing you the very best of luck. Please let us know how you get on. :)

(((hug))) xxx


It happens to the best of us........on the 10th of november i went round to my sister-in laws and took her son daniel a card around for his birthday, her husband said hi vik what you doing here, I said just popping Dan's card around, I'm not stopping as need to get home as feeling a little rough, He said yeah you don't look right! nothing new I said got in the car and hubby drove us home. anyways got a telephone call from my sister-in law she said whats the card for Vik I said for Dans birthday you plonker! she went well His birthday is the 10th of May You plonker God knows why I thought it was the 10th of november lol she is still laughing about it now.

hope all goes well for you fingers crossed, would cross my legs but I would fall over lol.

hugs vikki xx


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