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I've never been one to suffer boredom, as I enjoy art, playing guitar, driving, writing... However, not being able to do those things drives me loopy. Everything I enjoy involves using my right arm, which, at the moment, is not capable of much. The computer keeps me reading and keeps my mind off things, but it can also trigger my depression. I've stopped playing games as I tense up in anticipation, which awful for my muscles. I just don't know what to do with myself.

I'm not lonely as my partner suffers with chronic pain, too, so I've always got company, but I never leave the house and I can't help but worry that the world is passing me by.

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I know how you feel,when I was well and doing all sorts of things I never seemed to have time for my hobbies! and now like you my right arm is not good so I can't do any....I feel like the world is passing me by,I can go out on my scooter sometimes, but it is just a folding light weight one,that comes in 4 parts and my OH would get soaked putting it up and me too going from car park to the Mall.

Even my writing is bad so notelets are out,I write poems but some times even I cannot read them :-).

Good job we have this lovely has def; changed my life,as I now know there are others who know how I feel x ;-)

Gentle hugs x


Yup I have lost so many hobbies due to neck nd shoulders can't even use computer now so have two fingers tapping at my iPad I think if it wasnt for this forum I might have gone madder than normal haven't been able to play the piano for days now...

My shoulders are wrecked ...

Oh for some relief.....

VG x


it is so weird that we have everything yet seem kinda stuck ?!

I could go out for a meal, out with friends, travel, holidays but i stay home?

love being creative but its me that stops it .

i have work but yet because i cannot do the physical side i feel i not a part of it anymore

This weekend has been a bad flare and feel i get more regular now and feel a hypochondriac but its not its just all this is making us bored because we do not have the energies to just get up and go and do any more ?

Like my gran had dementia she was there in body but not in mind she knew non of us no more and like an empty shell we were talking to a brick wall in a way..we just looked after her and tried to keep everything up beat.

this illness feels like that too we are here but yet we are so limited and may as well be in a straight jacket so feel boredeom .

we keep fighting it and keep thinking positive and being strong but yet why? are we walking down an empty dead end road ..

Before i know the day has finished lol as i been on these sites etc and working and pottering around when not too bad .. i say everything is just a 'phase' it will pass

xxxxxxxxxxxxx caroline xx



I am mostly housebound these days and my right arm has been giving me bother too. I have started card making though and this is quite a fun thing to do as it doesn't take too long to complete one. I watch videos on YouTube to give me ideas and to learn new techniques. I can't sit upright at a table for too long but work in shifts of ten minutes every now and again. I got a job lot of craft paper from eBay and am recycling cereal boxes and foil. My lounge looks like a Christmas bomb has hit it and me and my doggy are always covered in glitter but it satisfies my need to be creative and gives me a sense of achievement (once a Blue Peter fan - can you tell!?) Hopefully everybody will like their special cards this year. Jane x


I too can fully identify with how you feel. After I had to give up full time work, I started my own little business thinking that I could "just do it when I felt ok...!" 8 years after I had started it, made it work & made it a success I had to give it all up!

A lot of what I did used my creative streak and now I try to still make a few things, including bridal headdresses as they are such happy things to make, but more often than not I go to start something only to find that someone else has put a box out of my reach, or placed something in the way and I'm stumped at the first hurdle. If that isn't the case then something along the way usually stops me - I can't lift the sewing machine, can't open a bottle of something,, can't cut something... or become crippled with pain or just exhausted then it all grinds to a halt.

I just don't think that people who happily do not experience constant pain and exhaustion realise that we are not able to take "a few hours off" from our struggle. That "the good days" are peppered with challenges that others wouldn't even think of!! I still try hard to remember just what it is like to have that energy that you see in others - to be able to "pop to the shops" or "throw a party"!!!

I have to say that I am still not "BORED" as I keep myself entertained with the PC, TV, books etc but, like you feel that life just passes me by, especially on the days when I can't get out of bed. You look outside at the sunshine (or rain) and think. Yep another day... gone. I've been so bad recently that I haven't even been on here much just been in a state of permanent waiting for the pain to let up!!

Sorry. This was meant to be a positive and supportive note but it's turned into a "poor me"!!

I hope it helps to know you're not alone.

Gentle hugs xx


I know just how you feel, we all do. But after 26 years I no longer look back at the things I used to be able to do and cannot do now, but look at what I can do now even if it is not for very long. I used to be able to knit for hours on end but that soon dropped to me only being able to crochet, and now that comes in fits and starts. But when I do some of it, even for a short time I enjoy it. I know I am going to be sore afterwards but for me 20 minutes of crochet is an achievement so I am proud of myself. I find if I sit there and think about all the things I cannot do anymore I find I get so depressed and I do not want to feel that way. I used to do all the cooking and now I am reduced to just dishing up food from one fo three trays used at teatime, again another achievement.. Hubby has taken over all the shopping but for me to carry one bag with something light in it means I am still trying. Life is too short for ' I used be able to....', now I live for 'but I can still do a bit....'

Gentle hugs to you hun xxxxx


My refuge when I'm terminally bored is to go to our lovely local garden centre, which has a huge, wheelchair accessible indoor area.

I can't garden anymore, but I love the sight of plants, the smell of them - all the gadgets and pots and planters - it's such a happy place!

I go off into a nice little gardening dream, and plan all the things I'll do when I get better. Maybe I will, maybe I won't, but you have to keep planning!

Luv ... Moffy xxx


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