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what happens when you are placed in the support group but only for 6 months, and my cont wrag money finished april 2012?

i was in the esa wrag cont but getting no money as i had had it for a year and it finished april of last year up till monday when after 2 years of fighting to be put in support i finally won but for 6 months, what happens then i know i will be sent the dreaded esa50 form and maybe have a medical (never had one for 2 years) so if they place me back in wrag what happens? do i go back to no money r can you make a fresh claim to claim esa wrag??? its just a non stop rollercoaster sickening this government and the DWP, and the monsters that call themselves ATOS

hugs xxx

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Hi Bellablot I was on the ESA contribution based WRAG! for a year mine finished June this year so no money since then. Just sent off to apply again :) well can't hurt can it they can only say no, but this time I will appeal to go into the support group! I don't really care about the medical because I know I am not well and not able to do any work you just need to put your point over and I totally agree about the rollercoaster ride we all seem to be on, no one understands that all this stress just makes us worse and that is one thing we are all trying to avoid like the plague. I have been watching that program on in the mornings called 'Saints and Scoungers', it beggers belief that there are so many people claiming disability benefit and who are cheating the system how the hell does that happen?? when we all have to jump through hoops and these people just seem to be given money without any assessments whatsoever. Its us the ones who really need it that have to fight for every little thing and who pay the price, none of us want to feel the way we are, I certainly would rather be working then being in pain and tired all the time but its trying to make the people at Atos and DWP understand it! I hope it all goes well for you sending you gentle fluffy marshmellow hugs :) xx

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thank you xxx


Hi Bellabot

The way I understand it is. As long as you have had your NI paid while you are not working then you may be within the 24 months qualifying period. to be paid contribution ESA. I have been put in Support with a review in 12 months so will have to fill in all the forms again. I was told by the DWP that they will then review my forms and look at what action they will take. Even though I could not get a committed answer they hinted at if nothing has changed or worsened it should be continued.

With regards your money stopping completely. You should of filled in the forms for income related ESA? This is means tested to you and your partners income. It is a lower rate but at least it would be better than nothing.

I was refused payment as they claimed I had not paid NI in the 24 months but after 6 months of proving I had I was paid and backdated. I was then going though appeal and won but the battle still goes on.

Good Luck

Be Well


cant get income based as hubby works full time but thanks for advice xxx


Hi everyone, I have an ESA medical assessment on Friday and I am dreading it. I have been to two others in the past. The first one I scored 6 points. I went to tribunal and ended up with 9 points. (fail) The second one I scored '0' points. I appealed that one also but opted out of the oral hearing and ended up with no points again. I feel sick even thinking about it because I know what they are like. It's more like an interrogation rather than a medical assessment. I feel sorry for anyone who has to endure this farce and unfair process with so called medical professionals who haven't got a clue. I wish you all luck and hope you do better than what I did.


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