Well begining of the week I had a letter from DLA saying they were requesting a letter from my GP, they already have a letter which I sent in! Anyway just got back from my Doctors after seeing a Doc whom I havent seen before as my own Doc has been seeing me now for 2years, he has another position meaning he only spends very little time at my surgery! This other Doc I saw today said to me after me requesting a blood test to test my Vit D said well this time of year you may be low dosnt mean its got anything to do with Fibro!! Am so mad!!!! I told her that DLA were gonna ask for a letter, and she said its already gone out back to them, two days ago :( how the hell can a Doctor thats never seen you before write a letter of how this affects your daily life?? So after three years fighting DLA now looks like yet another turn down! Jus so fed up with it all like a lot of you out there all I do is fill forms in, appeal and get turned down! Now would it be a good idea to ring DLA on Monday and tell them a Doctor I have never seen has done my letter to send back and the reason why my usual Doctor hasnt done it? Any advice would be very greatful x

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  • Did this new gp say THEY had sent the letter or that it was just on the computer that it had been done, if the latter your old gp may have sent it from the surgery two days ago or miraculously your new gp may actually have read your notes and written a good letter

    VG x

  • It was sent from the surgery two days ago, she said the meds that had been listed and two of them were missin also that I had days where I struggled to walk! Nothin about the pain all the flippin time and not being able to walk from my kitchen to lounge without difficulty! My old GP hasnt been there for two weeks now! x

  • Hi, i would definately ring them and say that a gp who youve never seen before has filled in the forms...can you ask for a copy? It would be worth a try but i think you may be right and it will be a reason for them to turn you down. From what ive read on here they dont need much of a reason. Maybe this gp has written from your notes therefore it should be a accurate letter on how this crippling illness affects you. Sorry i cant offer much advice but give them a ring...what have you got to lose? Please keep us informed on how you get on. Gentle hugs to you and goo luck. Charlii x

  • haha, you can have my good luck wishes and not just goo luck ones......xx

  • You could ring and ask who sent the letter, your old GP or this new one. They should tell you who it was signed by and then you can take it from there xxxxx

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