Doctor's letter in support of ESA claim.

I don't know what to do, I asked my GP for a letter of support and when I picked it up (after paying five pounds) I was disappointed by the lack of information. It is a very short letter just mentioning that I have CFS and fibromyalgia and that my fatigue comes on very quickly (she has missed the q out of quickly!) I also have arthritis in several places and suffer with chronic back pain. Do I include the letter with my claim or ask my GP for more information. My claim needs to be in by 23rd of December so I will post recorded delivery on 22nd. I would be grateful for any advice. x

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  • Hi,

    I think the important info needed is how your conditions effect you on a daily basis because that is what is relevant to your claim.

    If you have a really good supportive Dr maybe you could request a phone call & you could explain . If Dr agrees to re write check if can get typed in time.

    Alternatively you can send your claim form & state Dr's document to follow.

    Good luck xx

  • Sorry but I think you are quite lucky to get anything at all from an NHS doctor. Mine said that writing letters was way down on her list of priorities and frankly I was not going to get one.

    i would post of what you have now including the letter and not wait until the 22nd but yes would have it tracked.

  • I wouldn't risk missing the deadline so if you do want to ask your GP to reword it I would follow Jellypain's suggestion about sending the form in and stating that the doctor's letter is to follow and yes send it by recorded delivery. I had known my doctor 30 + years but that is exactly the type of letter he wrote which was just very factual about my main medical conditions and what medication I was taking. I know alot of doctors and specialists are very reluctant to do support letters that state more than what medical problems you have and a list of the medication as in all fairness they can only guess at how this effects us on a daily basis as we are all different. I know when I wanted a support letter from the Pain Specialist his secretary said that he didn't do them as he had so many requests and just didn't have the time.

    Hopefully with that letter and the explanation that you have given in your form there will be enough information for them to make a good decision with.

    Best of luck with everything, do let us know how you get on.x

  • Please do not risk missing the deadline for your application. Send it in straight away and give them your GP's contact details? Or do what jellynpain and rosewine have suggested? And, good luck with your claim.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • I think you should bring the letter back and just say that your chances of being approved would be better if he could provide more information. I usually write a list of things that I feel are important for my physician to include in the letters to my insurance company, then I read it at the office before leaving in case I'm not happy with it. Sometimes you have to be more assertive. Good luck!

  • I would send the letter with the claim as they ask for the GP informations so they can get in touch. At least to shows the conditions so you can show that as a result of the conditions stated you are only able to do A,B,C etc.

    I would highly recommend you either send it by recorded delivery or book an appointment at your local JS centre for them to FAX or internal post to. That way you have a booked and logged date you sent it. No We did not get it in the post!

    Good luck

  • Thank you to all replies. x

  • I am sorry to say that this is often a case with GP's. I work for a charity where our users often need letters of support from GP's and they are in the main unhelpful and do not spell out the whole issue for patients. Whether this is lack of time, knowledge or thought I am not sure.

  • Thank you FFC1, yes I think this is often the case, it makes you wonder if the doctors know much about their patients at all.

  • My old doc was great .Give me fab letter at the time. would not bank on new doc giving me anything. Maureen

  • Yes Maureen, doctors are very different. I decided to write a letter to my GP asking ( in a very diplomatic way) to write another letter of support with more information and went to name all of my conditions Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Arthritis and Chronic back pain and Nerve damage.) I also asked if she would mention how my medication affects me and how I need to pace everyday due to becoming fatigued at doing even small things. I went to see her today and she has agreed to write another letter. Lets hope it is better than the last one. I would not of even considered doing this with my last GP. A happy new year to you Maureen.x

  • My gp refuses point blank now to write anything for benefit purposes, infact there's a letter up in the reception telling you not to, I'm not certain but I don't think he'll even do it if you pay, I'm too scared to ask..

  • Hi Ellejm, maybe change your GP if possible. Doctors should support their patients. x

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