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DWP envelope

So is this it, has it arrived?...the brown envelope of doom. It has DWP on it and is sitting there taunting me and looking very suspicious.

I really don't want to open it in case it's the "you have been awarded NIL points" on your medical assessment. I've been on here before with comments (non too happy and quite harsh, as Atos deserve) about my medicals, past and present, and other similar related comments on other peoples posts. Sorry if i bore you witless!!!

I try to be upbeat but this last couple of days i've struggled like never before and quite out of character have been in tears as i'm still struggling to cope with fibro and newly diagnosed arthritis..which is more troublesome than fibro...till yesterday. It also seems my eye disease has again joined in the party and my eyes are painful and blurred and i'm wtiring and trying things completely muddled up. if i was to send thing unedited folk would think i was illiterate. This is a bit of a worry to me, as Leics hosp have just cancelled an appt till Oct!! but i've an opticians appt tomorrow so i'll see what he says

I just don't have the emotional strength or inclination to do open this today so stuff it, i'll do it tomorrow.

Take care all

thoughts and hugs

Jan H.

ps not filled with confidence as i had a form from the disability and carers service sent to the hosp, and the doctor whom i've not seen for over 18mths filled it in, not the surgeon who i'm still under for post op problems. Under the section "ability to get around including pain, gait, balance, breathlessness, visual loss....NO PROBLEM.

Am still getting a lot of pain, am going to a clinic to see why i get breathless, ofteen fall upstairs, and walk into people and things when i'm out.

Am wondering if the complaint i put in about him 16 months ago has any bearing on this??


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I'm dreading mine coming so I know how you feel . I think you've got more will power than me though, not sure my heart could take it if I don't open mine when it gets here :(

It makes my blood boil that they keep putting us through all of this.

I have my fingers crossed for you , that when you do open it , it has only good news for you.




hi let us all know what the result is , xx


Hi folks, I'm still waiting for my verdict. My heart goes out to you all. I've felt totally numb and fogged since I posted it back to them. Anyway, if I don't talk about it, it might go away ah ah ah, Oh goodness! I feel as bad as I did when I was taking my driving test.

Good luck every body. Just open it hun' and get it over with.

Love and gentle hugs, Fibromite. xx


UPDATE...thanks all, opened the letter last night in mid tantrum, was going off on one and though well it can't make things any


N ow i've re read the letter and tried to digest it i'm feeling a bit better. It's very confusing as all the letters are from different depts.

Briefly...well as brief as i can..struggle with that one..:-)

Medical services letter from the DWP sent a questionnairre re Limited Capability for Work, resulting in major trauma...aka medical....and we all know as per previous posts what a catastrophe that turned out to be.

A letter from jobcentreplus re my claim for ESA...." a change in the ESA rate payable, we have looked at your claim again following a recent change" !!!!!, This is because of a decision on your capability for work. We have moved you from Work Related Activity Group to the Support Group" wtf is that all about??!!

So.....i have been awarded ESA plus Disability Income guarantee plus extra money because i an in the support group."

I can now only assume instead of a "you have been awarded nil points", they have classed me as not fit for work (till the next time) so i will not have to put in an appeal.

Phew is all i can say.

Thanks for listening and your support, will make this a separate post and hope i can give some hope to others.

Jan xxx


Congratulations Jan, still waiting for my tribunal as I am amongst the nil points brigade and it is so nice to hear it is possible to win xx


Hi lynnh,

thank you so much, went through the tribuneral episode previously. had a nil points on a medical June 2010.. won a tribuneral in July 2011, .took so long but it was worth the wait, then blow me if i didn't have another letter for a medical in May. wondered why when i failed one as it were they called me in for another, such is this wretched system.

good luck with yours, i really hope you get a positive result.

Take care and keep us posted

Jan H xx


Thank you Jan, similar history failed assessment May2010, won tribunal Dec2010 (18 points), failed assessment Jun2011 and been waiting since for another tribunal. Spoke to tribunal service this week and should hear in a couple of months will post outcome for sure (-;


Hi lynh,

why when we get a positive result at a tribuneral do we reapetedly keep having to go for medicals...we aren't going to get any better. Neither are a lot of others with various illnesses/diseases.

Put a post somewhere copied from another sire that approx 32 people a week die while being classed as fit for work. Drives me nuts.

Hope their couple of months is the same as your couple of months. Good luck..

Take care

Jan h xx


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