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Downsizing and decluttering and upgrading

These are the new words in my vocabulary... When I drop and break something I am merely downsizing or decluttering Then when my family point out I have replaced said broken item I will look smug and say no I have upgraded it for the newer model....

Three easy words that will stop making me look like an idiot in front of my family

Grins smugly VG x

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Grinning Smuggly VG good morning to you you could have gone for that hated word- Minimilizing-

a word that surely suggests dieting - well it does to me- I watch the Antiques programes and they are always minimilizing when they put the tiniest object into auction. I wish they would be honest and say I wondered what I could get for it- I would like the money.

I take it this is Sir Pyrex raising his head did you not go on line and replace him with a newer more glorious model.

Incidently you are not an idiot and it takes one to know one lol xgins.


Happily joins Gins in the scarlet woman corner ... See your thread... Sir Pyrex has indeed been upgrade into a set of three casserole dishes. I now have a matching set. Geez gins we must watch too many of these antiques programme , downsizing minimalist, matching set, and thinking about it have just had living room decorated, so can I auction of OH as he doesn't fit in with the decor?

VG x


Haha was just thinking wouldnt it be easier to upgrade our families instead; as with this stupid horrible condition we will continue to drop and break things and wreak havock for the rest of our days!! I bagsy the brady bunch children who would be all smiley empathetic and have creative ideas in regards to replacing the broken items all the while making me feel good about myself and my clumsiness - if only lol x

Dixie x


Hmph! if i break anything through clumsiness i say i buy the crockery and everything else if i break it or want to chuck it for miles then i will my money,anyway what about me ,i'm all broken can't i be replaced,you see objects can be replaced unless of course they are antiques,DON'T TOUCH!,and never buy matching crockery it always disappears and replaced with mismatched, but that's the trend today ,anything kitchen wise is a bit like a sweet shop with all the colours so clumsy who's bothered,love jacksiex


I see, well I am trying to be positive and lighthearted about it, after 22 years of fibro and 4 years of arthritis and my first post on here I was in tears I have decided to only look for the positives

Pollyanna Grumpyxxx


I second upgrading family members ... anyone reading this mornings blog will understand that


I love the decluttering idea - in fact I positively rejoice when I 'declutter' because I would have to break an awful lot before I could consider myself minimising! Sadly, I always break things I really like and seem to manage not to break any of the stuff I don't mind 'letting go'! I think it is a great idea to see the positives in our unique and special talent for decluttering in this very special way. :-)


Brilliant! Not such a good idea if you try to upgrade hubby though VG! :O ;) xxx


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