Feeling sad

The brain is so complicated. It allows snippets of memories out you think are associated with nice times but the mind tricks you, but it was something you needed to believe just to hold on to something good.

Yes I'm afraid you won't understand nothing to do with Fibro but need to be among friends, sometimes boxes in your mind you think are closed ate not really. One reason why I do have some believe that Fibro could be caused by trauma and the suffering never ends.

Sorry feeling really down sometimes it creeps and sometimes it drowns, but I always come back because I am a survivor.

No replies please just needed to release.

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  • Stuff no replies.

    Sending lots of hugs Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I'm seconding stuff no replies !

    Sending you loving thoughts and hugs my friend. You know where I am 😊

    Love & hugs Lu xx

  • I agree with the others and going to reply! Most of us on here would say that "yes" trauma has played a big part in our illness, and no it never goes away "we just manage to put it in a compartment"but stress can cause it to raise its ugly head again. Please know that others understand and care.

  • I am 4thing no replies the mind is such a powerful entity. I wish I could put a big padlock on some of my boxes of memories and throw the key into the sea.x

  • hi Cathy your not on your own my brain well i thought they said train and asked for a slow one, that's an old saying the brain and mind play funny things to which i think nobody can understand but you have plenty of friends on this site that are in the same state has you take care keep in touch if you would like bigalan

  • I know you said no replies but here is a (((BIG HUG))) x

  • Sorry I am so late with my no reply. Hugs and yes the mind does love doing tricks. Now if only we could put only the happy memories in and leave the rest out!!!

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