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Hi all

I had my assessment today and it was quite traumatic for me. Today was a bad day because of pain and headache especially as I didn't sleep last night. My appointment was 11 but I arrived early. The assessor didn't smile at all and my partner and I were a bit uncomfortable. She wanted me to do some physical that I couldn't do because of the pain. I tried to do it but it was painful and I told her so but she insisted. I started to sob and my partner said words of encouragement . The assessor wanted me to do all sort of pushing with my hands and legs even though I was sobbing. Then she asked me to get on the bed. My partner helped me as I was in so much pain. The assessor wanted me to bend my knees and keep telling me to dig my heels in the bed even though I was in pain. I never felt so undignified if there is such a word. I was sitting in the waiting room for more than half hour so by the time I was called I was so stiff from sitting. I spent one and a half hour mostly in like a daze in the room listening and answering questions as I move around painfully on the chair. The assessor saw my state of distress and never once was sympathetic to me but was very aloof and matter of fact with me.

I just hate how my body has betrayed me to go through such humiliation. Sigh😭

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  • How awful you had to go through this as well as your body letting you down people being unkind as well. Hope you recover soon

  • Keep a diary record whilst horribly fresh in your mind.

    If you have to go for mandatory reconsideration get an advisor first and make sure you let DWP know you are getting extra evidence together.you have 1 month from decision also benefits and work site handy.

    Try to get rest it is so stressful

    Hugs for you & your partner

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely want to wish you all the best of luck with your outcome. I agree completely with determined56, as now is the time to make notes whilst it is all fresh in your mind.

    I am also so gneuinely sorry to read that you were forced to endure this treatment, it is not you that should feel awkward or embarrassed by your body but one individual that has subjected you to what sounds horrid!

    Our mother site FMA UK has a dedicated benefits helpline that you may find useful if you fail with your claim. I have pasted you a link below:


    Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • This is so unacceptable, my heart really goes out to you. As if living with this isn't enough, you have to be treated like this by another human... Completely unacceptable. I'll bet this person goes home and treats their dog better than how you were treated. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. If I lived closer, I'd come and give you a big hug. Hang in there xx

  • After a while some people in the medical field lose all human feelings, just had a bad hospital stay made bad by the staff, they call that little Hitler syndrome plus a lot of bad luck on my part too. That's why I'm here

  • These people have no hearts they forget how lucky they are that their health is good and they are able to work never mind just live their lives without pain forget about it now you probably won't ever see this poor excuse for a human being again I really hope it all turns out ok for you xx

  • Mine for ESA was just the same and when the report came I was turned down. For the sake of brevity it was a fabric of lies no less. I struggled to walk the distance from the waiting area to the room, stopping numerous times supporting my self on the wall but his report was that I had walked around normally with no problem, I can't raise my arms but apparently I raised them above my head! It's a shame I missed that ! And much more. I truly do not know how they are allowed to get away with this. They seem to set out to belittle us. They deal with disabled people all day and yet the distances to walk from area to area have no supports like rails, chairs to rest on etc. It is all designed to make life difficult and bring about by force the answers that they want.

    I hope you have a better outcome than I and that you feel a bit better now.

  • We have just gone through this with my youngest daughter and so I do know where your coming from here..all I can say is please try not to let this upset you these ''people'' who assess.. are NOT doctors or in my mind evenhealth trained professionals they are there to put as many as they can back in work.. many are from companies who are not even medically noted just as usual ''paid by the government'' to clear up the mess ATOS left and remember they also were not trained medical practioners.. pleased let the memories go and I wish you luck with the outcome xx

  • I have just come across your post, this is awful you poor thing, I think this pip lark are going too far, they are hindering not helping, I hope you have had plenty of rest now, and feeling a little easier. I just can't believe someone could be so heartless.

  • I am so sorry that you had this awful experience. If it were me, I would make a complaint to both the person's employer and the Nursing Council if they were a nurse. They have a duty of care towards you and should not have caused more pain when you told them that you were hurting.

    I hope that you recover soon.

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