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WHY, wont my body stop aching and paining,...ive had my medication, it dont seem to be working, all this week ive been waking up with aching body, twitching uncomfortable legs...hate it so much, only so many pills i can take to knock me out, be glad to start me night job least iw il be doing somthing at nights....dose any1 else have this problem??? do you have any surgestions for sleeping? if so please help..many thanks nicky xx

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I can relate to your problems and its just so frustrating, awake all night then tired all day its just horrible. Your body gets used to the medication and it stops having the desired effect, i wish i knew the answers, hope you get a good night sleep tonight xx


Hello Trixter, what you are describing is very common with Fibromyalgia, not getting enough rest or sleep, also the symptoms you describe many of us suffer from. You may well have become acclimatised to your current meds, or your symptoms may have changed so they aren't working as well as they should do.

It may be time for a meds review with your GP, it would be worth popping along when you can to discuss exactly what's happening regarding your sleeping pattern these days, so hopefully your situation will be reviewed too, this is necessary from time to time as our Fibro can evolve and change. This is the best advice I can give you.

It's easier said than done I know but try to ensure your bedtimes are regulated so you are awake at the right times during the day. Sleeping through the day usually means a restless night for anyone. Working nights isn't easy when regulating sleep as I am sure you already know. The secret is getting your body into a pattern even with shifts. When you get back after work, don't stay up too long, get to bed so you are up earlier after hopefully some sleep. If you stay up for hours when you get home then obviously you will get up later and so on.

Please let us know how you get on when you see your GP, take care. (((hug))) xx


I have been like this for nearly 26 years hun and pain meds just do not touch it. I do find though that if I potter about the house doing little things, it takes my mind off it for a while. I think though you need to know when to stop. I mean by that that one night I cleaned all through(quietly of course and not in rooms where anyone was sleeping) and I actually made things worse. So now as I am like this every night I plan out little things I could do, do a to do list and I sticjk to it. Last night I clean the bath and sink as well as the loo. I stretched it out so it took me a while to do but without having to exert too much energy. If it helps sit and make a list of all those little jobs that never seem to get done, or take too much energy all in one go. I find it helps me. My GP says my Fibro is chronic, as well as me having COPD and Emphysema and numerous other health problems. But I know the fibro unlike the lung disease will not kill me. So I learn to live with it and make IT wirk around me and not me work around IT xxxxx


cazza37730, i finaly got to sleep about 6.30 this morning, im livin on few hour sleep a not good, thnx for the reply x


hi libertyz, the meds im on are, naproxen 250mg, omeprrazole 20mg, tramadol 50mg, allopurinol 300mg amitriptyline 20mg, also methatreaxte for me arthiritus...wel i start work im working nights, so can go at meown pace, n rest...if i can...sometimes i could crywhen im like this, think ive over done it today walkin, mylegs feel like there being squeezed, i guess i need to learn to adapt to cope with this...thank you x


hi ozzygirl64, i have been diagnoised with fibro for 8 month plus, also arthiritus, so if i over do it wow do i know about it..nxt day i can hardly walk, also very uncomfy wen sitting, i do potter about the house at night, n dolil jobs, to try n tire me out, when i do my cleaning now takes me ages, i have todo it in stages, but i think im getting there, just wish i could sleep wel at night, but i guess i wil get used to it...i wnt be beat thts for sure...haha, thank u for u message x


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