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Physio has convinced me to re-join the gym

I used to love the gym 2 -3 times a week but came crashing to a halt last year around september. I have been slowly, slowly trying to get more active (as much walking as poss etc). I am going to try once a week and do about 15 mins per session. My goal is to be able to walk the Race for Life next year which I used to run every year and also last year I did 1/2 marathon in the moonlight walk. Seems a life time ago.

Small steps as they say.

(wile writing this I am trying to ignore humming ache in hips and and sore arm....not a very promising start eh!!!)


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Please be careful not to push yourself. Using a Wii fit is my limit. I can work at my own pace. The trouble with gyms is they can push you further than fibro wants to go. Good luck withe the race for life x


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