Fibromyalgia Action UK

Blue Badge Assesment day today 11am

Everyone has to do assesment now.

We booked months ago and my day has come.

Wish me luck ladies & gentlemens xxxxxx

Fingers crossed

Why am not asking for Money haha

Just a little help like holding my hand .

Wander how long takes to get an answer anyone know ?

We did forget to send photo off though and £10

But i no idea after all thats why my hubby is doing things for me !!

My memory is useless

An hour in there it seems, i hope they give me a pot of Tea

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Fingers crossed

VG x


Good luck

beth x


i never had an assessment? just sent them my dla form showing i had higher rate and i recieved mine 2 weeks ago? hmmmm good luck xx


Hi thanks everyone!

Well i never sent a form off hubby just booked for appointment & i am New to all this

Not applied for any carer allowance as yet never thought i could simce i run my own busineess but had to pay others to do it as thought it would be a temporary phase in my life, so now ots alll gooooo. Cxx

Think made a mess of my make up tho haha as not worn for a long time!! Xx


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