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Today is another good day { ( honest ) } .... positive thoughts of the day :-)

Today is another good day { ( honest ) }  .... positive thoughts of the day :-)

I have personally struggled with acceptance of my condition and worked to get understanding .... but always feel shattered by the one or two comments that dismissed all that I was trying to explain. We make our choices to feel affected in a negative way - and I am working towards making choices that don't lead to negative feelings.

My friend posted this on facebook, and I wanted to share it with my fibro family....

If you are always affected by the negative comments of people then you need to learn and practice emotional detachment. True detachment brings into your life inner strength, common sense, better judgement, and the ability to see the pros and cons of every situation. It also guards you from being adversely affected by the moods, and negative thoughts and emotions of other people.

Have a sunny and loving day xxx

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Suzy Sparkle how true the ones who accept you for who you are and who love you no matter what. It goes back to sticks and stones may break your ones but words will never hurt you.

We all guard ourselves one way or another from others this is just a protective shield against life, be happy take control of the situation, we are only here once and we must enjoy our lives not waste them :) Hugs to you xgins


Suzy that is wonderful been having a wobble recently left me losing confidence in myself for a few days.. But the lovely people on here have pulled me through and that wording has really helped

Thank you VG x


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