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hi all, finally found some up to date blogs/forums on this horrid condition... I have recently been diagnosed with fm after suffering for over 18 months. Do any pain killers work? And Antidepressants for sleep? yeah they knock me out for a good few hours but still feel stiff and achey and miserable when i get up, then only up a couple of hours and to be honest could easily go back to bed for an hour or Gp looks at me as if I am an alien when i tell her nothing she has given me actually helps but I take them for the hell of it . I cry at stupid things and my concentration well that just goes, my hubby does most things around the house now as he knows it knocks me about too much if i do the house work, I feel redundant and a total waste of space, but I must admit I do do things around the house but suffer for it, I do it to prove to myself I can and then I have a reason for hurting so much. What a depressing condition this is, I just wished that for 1 week I could be pain free.


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People say life is too short... I reply a day with fibro is too long... Welcome to this site it's full of people who know what they are talking about unlike me. Crying over nothing or silly things is actually a fibro symptom so don't feel bad about that.. I am one of the lucky ones I do get sleep but wake up feeling stiff as a board and take me about 2 hours to get going in the morning and by get going I mean get washed and dressed Concentration yep otherwise known as fibro fog... Renders all of us at some time gibbering idiots,, I guess what I am trying to say is you are not alone we understand what it's like ,, the only advice I can offer is when you next visit ou gp write a list or short letter and had that over describing how you feel it worked for me and my gp and we get on better and he has tried to help me with meds

Good luck

VG x


thank you, I have to go and see her this week so I think I will take your advise and do that letter as when I speak to her I get the feeling what I say goes over her head and all she does is write another script for painkillers and ups the dose on the amitriptyline and am already on 25mg so can only go up to 50mg and then I think I will be cabbaged for the day and rather spaced out lol.

thanks again VG

vikki x


Hello Vikki, welcome to our lovely forum. I am sorry you are feeling so bad at the moment, Fibro is a horrid condition and it can be a bit scary when you are first diagnosed. You will find lots of help on here to help you manage the condition though. Before you go back to your GP please read through the blogs and posts and use the tags on the right side of the page to find further information and discussions about things like medications that might help you. It might help to make you feel more empowered and get more from your appointment time.

I too struggle with sleep and had the same problems with Amitriptyline as you but I read on here about nortriptyline which is a very similar drug but doesn't leave me feeling hung over all day. Perhaps this is something for you to discuss with your doctor.

Many of us on the forum have had good experiences with pain clinics too so ask your doc if you can be refered to one near you if there is one in your area.

Anyway, I hope we will get to know you on the forum. Feel free to post, ask/answer questions or just have a good healing rant if you want! All good wishes to you. Jane x


Thank you Jane, I have looked over quite a few of the blogs on here and am so impressed with this site. I have written down a few bits to take with me to the GP (so i dont forget lol) so I can bombard her with loads of questions and hopefully get some answers and some relief, My husband is fantastic with me so am lucky in that respect others just look at me and say you look fine and just fob the fm off, that doesnt bother me.we have recently moved and have made a friend with an ederly lady who suffers with fm plus a load of other conditions so its nice to have a chat with her now and again, I ususally go round when i am feeling sorry for myself and come out feeling alot better bless her and i thought I had problems..Thank you to all that have replied to me its a lovely feeling to know we are not alone bless you all xxx


It sounds like you have made a great friend there Vikki and I am sure that the lady is grateful for your company too. Yes, the lovely thing about this forum is realising that we are not alone and that there are others who really do know and understand what we are going through. Jane x


Hi Vicki - it's the same for all of us - I know we're all experiencing this in our own special version of the pain game, but the pain unites us all. I can only send you positive vibes and hope that you're able to smile & laugh. All the best, Eddie


cheers x


Hello and welcome to our lovely forum here at FibroAction, you are most welcome! Take a look around our Questions, Blogs and Tags, there is a wealth of information there. You will also find advice, support and friendship there too.

Please take a look at our Guidelines too please, these can be found under FibroAction Blogs.

If you have any worries or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask Admin, we are always only too happy to help.

We are all in the same boat here, we all have Fibro so we all understand. :)

I hope you enjoy your time with us. :)


thank you x


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