It's all mashed up in my head from over the last few months and i cant really make sense of any of it. Good luck lol

According to discharge notes I was admitted on 4th Sept. after a fall at home. Diagnosed with water infection and cellulitis. Quite battered and bruised but otherwise nothing broken. 1st point of confusion because GP Surgery were trying to arrange easy admission for other stuff while the glory that is known as our NHS did their headless chicken thing. The original stuff still hasn't been mentioned and I cant work it out. On Monday will have to call Surgery.

Whilst in hospital I had another fall. My memory is quite hazy but i'm still not sure I trust their version either, as in discharge notes: "...fall in hospital sustaining mild facial (mild? really?) injury while on telemetry (heart trace), which showed persistent 1st degree heart block (slow heart beat)." As I remember it, I was dropped whilst being transferred from one surface to another. I remember screaming, lots of people around me, someone kept saying sh! sh! Haha! :( I had excruciating pain up into my left armpit. Now have a pea sized hard lump which I'm thinking might be a result of that fall.

Well this has been helpful in trying to put some of it in order. Thank you so much for your help and support. xxxx

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  • Oh my goodness ...iv just read ur post...they dropped you...that is awful...i am so sorry that happened to u...and then for them to try to cover it up by saying goodness your a grown man with a brain in your head do they think that they are going to get away with that ? Dispicable behaviour..these staff shud get their books...Are you going to put in an official complaint ? Best wishes to u tulips.

  • not sure whether sshh was intended to cover it up. loud screaming. i'm in no position to complain after events going back a while has proved it's a pointless exercise. the circumstances they have to work in is the biggest issue.

    p.s. i'm a woman with alopecia. easy mistake, often happens so please dont worry. no offence taken I promise :) Dawn xx :)

  • I would put it in as a complaint or concern. I am so sorry to hear this.

  • On previous experience I would imagine it's a waste of time and energy. I dont have the energy etc. to spare. If I thought it would achieve anything I would. xx

  • Hi dawn I'm sure ul do wots good 4 u that's the main thing

  • Thank you. :) xx

  • Hi dawn I meant to send this last night I am so sorry I got ur gender wrong

  • Apology not necessary. It's happened before and will no doubt happen again :) xx

  • So sorry to hear this Dawn. Glad to see you here, I've missed you my phone is playing up please ignore the next name I've written, I'm trying to edit it.. tulin

  • Dont worry darling i've been called worse! lol :) Good to see you too. How are you getting on? XXX

  • Oh dear you're in a bad way, hope you'll get better now once you've settled back in at home, take care

  • no place like home :) xx

  • I c frm ur profile that uv been housebound for 2 yrs...theres days I'm housebound coza the CFS (a Part of my fibro) but my biggest fear is that i become completely housebound. Ru hbound coza the fibro / cfs ?

  • fibro/cfs, arthritis and oxygen all have a part to play. I hope you can continue to get out as much as poss. :)

  • Hi Dawn

    It makes you wonder what's going on and when where in hospital where at our most vulnerable .

    Complaining and proving what happened is difficult what do your family think?

    I understand how you feel its must be so confusing and upsetting

    Please take care


  • Thank you Rose. :) xx

  • thinking of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • :) xxxx :)

  • so sorry to hear that tulip,that awfull dropping you as if you havnt been through enough trauma Icertainly would put a complaint in ,so stay strong and i wish you well.xx

  • thank you, :) xx

  • I'm so sorry hun that you are having such a hard time at the moment! If there is anything that we can do please let me know xxx

  • Please keep eye on pea size hard lump. Take care. Hugs.

  • I intend showing to Dr. this week, thanx Hun. :) XX

  • Sorry to hear about that I do hope you are feeling much better now. I wonder if it's worth putting a complaint in. Gentle hugs ☺️☺️

  • From previous experience, no point at all. I dont have the energy to go into a pointless battle. XX :)

  • That's awful but I agree with you--- lot of energy used up trying to complain and they'd go by what is written in the notes. Unless one of the people involved spoke up you'd not get anywhere.

    Hope you're more comfortable now you're home .

  • it is better to be home. :) xx

  • Wow! Thank you very much! :) xx

  • In all honesty, i'm struggling to keep my head above water, but this all helps. xx :)

  • I've yet to find a Forum like this one. From a standpoint of real understanding, we can support each other and regular users form strong friendships. :)

  • Glad you like it, stick around! haha :)

  • Hi i was wondering how you was getting on!

    Well has you say home now so on your own terroirity! which has to be a plus.

    But if they dropped you would have at least been something if they would have said sorry! as that goes a long way.

  • I had a sense they were very wary of me. In the end they were getting on my nerves and so I said a couple of times if they were waiting for me to complain they needn't. It would be a waste of time, and those accountable would not be those held to account. When the message got through, everyone around me relaxed which made life a little easier for me.

    Now i'm home and thank God for that! :) XX

  • Oh my poor Tulip. I'm so sorry they hurt you (all be it accidentally) in hospital. It also appears they made little of your injuries on their report.

    I truly hope you will be feeling better soon my lovie xxx

  • Thank you darling. my friends on here always bring me back as soon as I can string a sentence together. :) xxx

  • God love you. Big, soft, squishy hugs just for you 😊Xxx

  • Received with thanks :) xx

  • So glad you are home. Thinking of you!

  • Me too, thank you :) xx

  • I used to be so proud to be part of the NHS and it's heartbreaking to see what it has become. Sadly, this type of story is not unusual. You have been treated horrifically. I hope you are soon back to whatever is considered well for you, and that you can put all this behind you. Hugs 😊

  • The last couple of years it has been more and more obvious just how dire things have become. Heartbreaking is right. :) xx

  • Oh tulips, you really are having a bad time of it! I'm so sorry to hear what has been going on. We've all missed you and been wondering how you are.

    Love and hugs

    MariLiz xx🤗🤗🤗

  • I wish I could pop round and give you a hug and hold your hand tulip, I don't want to think of you on your own. You 've been through so much lately no wonder your so confused. It is so sad the nhs has been rundown to such a state leaving the people who need it the most neglected and unsafe, it really is criminal. Thinking of you, Sharon.

  • Thank you Sharon. I believe we're all more vulnerable now than since the start of NHS. The state of equipment, the morale of all who work within, and valid concern of what happens when something goes wrong. Take care, hugs xx

  • It's all blame culture way to many ambulance chasers plus those that have an agenda to get cash no matter what.

  • Problem is, you stand no chance of reaching those most responsible. The NHS is on it's knees. That's not down to the people we see. They're just trying to make ends meet. Mistakes happen where they really shouldn't. Mistakes happen sometimes with anything in life, but It's reaching a level now where it becomes the norm. That's why it scares me.

  • I agree and makes me mad when been there in A&E getting pillocks berating staff shouting there heads off and more

  • They "know their rights" and that's great. Just theirs, nobody else, just them. I couldn't work under those conditions!

  • Hi Dawn, Im so glad you are home where you belong. I tend to agree with you about complaining about the way you were treated. Ive done this in the past and it had little if no effect. If anything it has I think put a black mark against me. Take real care of yourself. Happy to see you back. Hugs Joolz.x

  • Some years ago I had a falling out with a senior nurse. Her behaviour was dreadful. I was moved to a different ward where it was made perfectly clear just how uncomfortable my life would be. I left without a word the following day. This lead to a transfer to a different hospital. I'm now out of options. :) XXx

  • Glad your Home Dawn 😀👍 Hope You can get checked over by DR. Put energy in positive as much as possible. Understand when something like You've been through is very upsetting & Wrong. Recently been in with my Mum truly heart breaking what is Happening in NHS. Lots of Love Jan. XX

  • Hope your Mum has more success than I've had. Take care Jan xx

  • Oh for goodness sake D this is not acceptable. I know you said you was confused, but you obviously remembered this. I'm so sorry Hun . It makes me so mad and to be shhh . I hope you can recall most of what happened and maybe get a complaint together. Bless you. T xxx

  • but, complain to who for what? not known for any success previously. I dont have anything to spare. I cant face the world today. I've started the week with falling out with a GP who doesn't know me but has again made a snap judgement. Enough is enough. Too ill to deal with the medical profession! :( xxx

  • You just do what you feel like doing Hun forget the NHS just get yourself back to health. This GP needs to get to know your background. Sorry your having such a hard time Hugs xx

  • Thanx T. Love xx

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