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Has any one watched fake Britain today it gets me so mad its no wonder genuine people with health problems have to fight- fight and fight for benefits when people cheat the system like that it gets me so angry. aids in the house that is not being used I cart even afford to get another banister for stairs or a rail for shower as i still waiting to see if i am getting ESA support group. They should be made to work for free at the end of their jail sentence with people who have these disability s Sorry just gets me so mad

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  • Yes I just watched this too. It gives all disabled people such a bad name

  • Those people tend to have help for an amount of money they can be told exactly what they have to do and say to qualify for everything, and let's face it they take advantage of the fact that England is soft.

  • Thanks for your reply Its a shame we all dont get the information and advice as minds been so stress full its been 17 months of fighting even with my contributed stopped four times now still waiting to here if I am in support group so I can get some money even after working for years and paying my dues still have to fight If I could work I would as its not just my job I lost its a lot moor

  • Hi 1Hope Yes it reflexes on the genuine people

  • I saw an episode too!! It made me feel very angry an exasperated!! It makes the government have to try to tighten things up, but golly, it's sad for the people that really need the help. I personally feel too unwell to fight. Why can't they get a report from our GP. Everything seems to take so long. I think it is very wrong when people are waiting a year for there results. Sorry, think I got that off my chest :-)). Hope you are having a good day xx

  • HI Lizzyyear It is very sad I agree it should be your GP letter that helps but NO someone who has no medical training looks at your claim and says yes or no then medical someone who see you for my case 20mins and scord 0 points then tribrunal in there 10 mins put me in work activty group I wish I could work be there in a jiff if that was possible and because hub works EAS only stamp payed I18 month ago i was working 50 hourse a week and on very good pay. Payed. my dues all the years I worked so why cannot I claim in my own right so very angry fibro 10

  • Hi fibro10

    I can genuinely understand how this must have made you feel so angry! We are all genuinely ill and in need of help for our day-to-day living and some people just abuse and use the system. I do not truly understand how fakers like this can be so callous as every piece of equipment they receive a genuine person misses out!

    I have so much in my house as my wife has Primary Progressive MS and I have more than Fibro, and we have had to pay for some of this due to cut backs and lack of funding. I do not mind as we can afford it, but many others cannot.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hiken I am sorry to here your wife has ms when I worked in a nursing home i looked after a few men and women with ms so I truly understand how hard it is. and the aids that is needed. If people didn't cheat the help would be their for the people who is in need. night to you both

  • Nite Fibro10 x

  • They never seem to do programmes about people who really suffer who have a terrible time claiming benefits which they really need and deserve. Maybe groups of fibro sufferers could write to the programme makers and suggest it. I think there is an agenda here to make the general public unsympathetic to those with disabilities.

  • HiJjudith Thank you for your reply Yes that is so true

  • Spot on Jjudith, I completely agree with that last statement. Gemmalouise X

  • Hello All,

    These posts about similar subjects often come up on the community usually after such programs which don't forget try to sensationalise the content, so this must be taken into account as we all know about the media & press!

    I understand the welfare reform is an emotive subject at the moment. If you wish to join campaigns to make your voice heard about the injustice you may have felt you've received whilst claiming benefit, there are many fighting against the inaccurate decisions made due to these assessments.

    I would suggest the system is where (if any) blame lies and therefore not within the general public claiming the benefits they are entitled to. The actual figures of disability fraud is 5% according to factual sources and this is a low figure compared to other fraudulent behaviour in the UK. The system is not there to be used in this way but to help people in situations that need to claim benefits.

    FibroAction supports Who Benefits ‘Who Benefits?’ aims to give a voice to the millions of us who have been supported by benefits at some point in our lives. By sharing our stories we can show the reality of who needs help, why they need it and the difference that it makes.

    All too often, people who’ve needed support from benefits get ignored, misrepresented or blamed for their situation. As a broad coalition of charity, community and faith organisations we want to change that and reach out to the huge range of people who have ever needed help from working age benefits


    If you want to share your story about your reasons for claiming benefits & the difficulties experienced you may like to support this campaign

    Also if you are struggling with claiming yourBenefits you can email us as we can provide you with information guides. Please email me: info@fibroaction.org

    I hope this helps

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

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