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Sore throat and headache ..... at least I'm boosting my antibodies!!!!

Sore throat and headache ..... at least I'm boosting my antibodies!!!!

I am trying not to let the sore throat and headache ruin my week off with my daughter. I have been managing to keep the bugs at bay for a while - but I guess with the season change comes the inevitable bugs.

I went to a session yesterday evening about convincing my body to be better. It is apparently about maintaining happiness and gratitude because the positive chemicals enable your cells to be more resistant to viruses and bacteria.

So I am working on finding ways to be happy and positive. :-)

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Sounds a wonderful philosophy Suzy, one I try to think about and it really does help me. :)

Just out of curiosity what session did you go to, it sounds fascinating - I would love to know more about this and I am sure others would too!

I love the picture, it's fantastic! :) :D

I hope you feel better soon Suzy, keep warm and keep thinking positive energies. :)

Here's a hug (((hug))) xx


The session was at the Wellness Centre I attend for spinal adjustments. I have to say, personally, it has really improved the way I feel and helped me to 'turn down' the volume of my pain and turn up the amount of energy I have. The principles of the session were about neuroplasticity. We can make the brain instruct the cells to be more resilient - the theory is there, I think the practice is the challenge, but it really can't do any harm! Thank You for the hug {{{right back at ya}}} - as I sit wrapped in my heated throw :-) xx


That's really interesting Suzy, thanks for posting about this. I am sure it will help other members to enquire about this too. :)

Sounds like a great theory! :)

Keep warm, I am frozen today, sitting inside wearing fingerless gloves typing and it's only October! :P (((warm hug))) xx


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