That's all Folks! Just a little fun for a saturday afternoon :D

Back in the day when I was a wee one in the north west of Cumbria I remember weekends consisting of sport and cartoons, bugs bunny, wiley coyote, elmo fudd, yo sammity sam.... list is long!!!!

If you were to liken yourself to a cartoon character which one would it be and why?

I think I'd have to say Penelope pittstop for me as I was and still am always getting myself into sticky situations LOLOLOL

;) :-p :-o

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  • Oh Zeb I haven't a clue okay I think k I would be Silvestre the cat reason well he was magnificent. Lol. x gins

  • Oh! Silvestre now there's a moggie I liked and yes gins you are magnificent :D

  • Thank you dear Zen turns around his tail in the air head high and sauntered off stage right

  • Definitely definitely Mutley.......... I still can do a very good Mutley laugh behind my hand, well known for it hehehehe :D :D

    A close contender though would be Daffy Duck....... For reasons as obvious as an obvious thing ...whattthhzz up folks?

    Foggy x

  • I can hear you saying all that LOLOLOL :D

  • even the mutley laugh ;) LOL

  • What a FAB question Zeb, bit biased as Looney Tunes is my all time favourite! Can I admit to having them all except the martian & porky ?!!! Both my OH and I cannot think of a cartoon character who I am like, but out of the comedy Friends definitely Monica. Can anyone think of a cartoon character like that ??!! :)

  • Think I may have to ask about for that one Mdaisy, interesting challenge has now been set - me thinks!! :D

  • Hi Mdaisy that was most certainly a difficult challenge :-o

    After much searching and asking I could not find anything from a cartoon as such :( .................. I did, however, manage to find a cartoon image that someone has drawn of Monica from friends :D I don't know if you wish to see said image or not, if you do then please let me know so that I could post it for you :)

    Many fluffie cuddles to you


  • betty boop - I wish! I'm more like droopy :(

    I think I'd like to be snoopy. :)

  • aw! :) I'm deffo droopy LOL :D with a twist of flump tho the flumps wasn't a cartoon hehe

  • Fab question and really good i think I would have to be captain caveman.....reason....I seem to shout a lot when getting frustrated with fibro fog and well the hair is just the same as mine in the mornings lol. Infact at school my nickname was fraggle as I looked like a creature from fraggle rock cos my hair when I woke up at a friends..she obviously told everryone hence the nickname lol

    however...due to a flare up again at the moment i should be called 'Sleepy' from the seven dwarves xxx

  • Captain caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaveemaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! LOL :D

    After y-day, speaking of 7 dwarves, I should have been called dopey for sure :-o

  • HAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHHAHA LOL HAHAHHAH omg I heard that lol that really has made me chuckle! :-D

    I didnt see your post yesterday but i def still would have put sleepy cos thats what i did most of the day anyway lol. your Happy cos you put these lovely pick me up things on here and send lots of fluffy stuff and chocs...if there was one called lovely that def would be you lol xxxxxxxxxx

  • AW! thanks :D

  • 7 dwarfs in bed all feeling happy.

    happy got out, so all feeling grumpy.

    grumpy got out, so all feeling sleepy :D

  • hahaha! :D

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