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Whats your Red Indian Name

Hi all

Just read and replied to a post by pottydog entiled pin the tail on the donkey in which I was listing all my painful spots and telling her about the horrors of wearing a neck brace which give me a multiple chins appearance - so unflattering lol anyway I signed off with the name 'dixie many chins' and this got me thinking how it could be my red indian name heres a few more which might describe me at the moment:

She who walks with hobbled step

Lady with pained expression

Little miss clumsy hands

Big chief moan-a-lot

Miss hotter than the sun

Miss weird pain in the bum

Miss rattle 'as you walk' snake

So come on peeps giz a laugh!! What would your Red Indian name be??

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Big chief sitting grumpily

Explanation: BIg, meds have made me gain weight, chief cos I am always telling OH what to do while he obliviously ignores me, sitting cos I have trouble walking and grumpily. Lol that's just me

VG x


Lol very good vg I think our fore-fathers would have had no trouble picking us a red indian name as with our many weird symptons they would have great scope for choosing. Think mines kinda speak for themselves hobbling as in how im walking at the min, pained expression do we have any other kind lol clumsy hands well at the min mine are all swollen tingly and keep loosing power and im constantly dropping things. Moan a lot well according to my kids I do!!! - cheeky beggars lol hotter than sun describes these bloody sweats we get pain in the bum that weird pain which makes sitting so painful and rattle as i walk snake is credited to the sound of our body due to the many meds we must take lol :-)



Ho hum ... Little Rain in the Face (when the pain starts to show), Big Wind in the Britches (that's when the IBS has a field-day), Little Chief Crab Apple (for the grumpy days) ... there's probably more, but my brain has gone ... oh, yes, Little Fog in the Head.

;) xx


Great Tumbling Spirit weaver of words = gins writing her mad thoughts.


OldTurtle treads onwards dispite being hampered = stumbling gins keeps going slow but steady

Not sure I have this but hey how about "Big Sitting Bull" Gins sits and talks rubbish thanks to Fibro


Loved the answers on this ...I used to go to pow wow's before my fibro etc got too bad and we had some great names we called our selves. My daughter thought it would be funny to call me "Heap big wobbly tits " and my friend was called Laughs it off-a-lot ( for some reason she had a fit of the giggles ) I remember her son turning up and flirting with the girls , he was only about 15 and boasting about being a " real man!! " so we called him Brave wishfull thinking. we did have a laugh :-)

At the first Pow-Wow we went to we camped in the woods the Tepee's were down by the lake,that first evening,my friend and I sat by our fire,and had some indian chants on the tape player and we had a good night,The tape clicked off and as I lent over to turn it over I saw a menacing face in the bushes. Told my friend and she was scared too!! then I lent forward keeping one eye on the spikey eared face in the bushes......It disappeared and when I lent back it came back....On checking in that area we noticed that my lamp had a crack in the glass and the reflection was shinning onto a black bin. Well we laughed so much!! and from then I am always known as " Spirit of the bin " by all the folks who go to the Pow Wow's.............even the farmer who owns the farm if I see him when I am out still calls me that to this day :-)

Now a days I would proberbly be known as ' Big chief groan-a-lot ' 'The goose walker ' because when I walk I say " think goose " as in the Aristocats !! and I look like that lol . :-)

'she who walks and falls over often'

But my main one is Rainbowdancer........because on bad days I can drift away and dance on rainbows!! :-)

Love and Light and gentle hugs to all x xx


I love that you can drift away and dance on rainbows how wonderful I sometimes sit in my conservatory and watch the clouds and dream with them of places and people!! Lovely happy thoughts xgins


"Free Spirit" would be mine because even though I have Fibro, I am still Free to fight it and I will not let it beat me! The Spirit part refers to my deep belief in Spiritualism, so both words are very important to me for those reasons. They would also make good red indian names! :)

I can also relate to "Moaning River" too because on my flare-up episodes, that's how I feel, like an endless moaning river with no end . . . I hate those days!


love all the names on here what a lovely idea at the moment "she who rattles a lot "due to all the tablets i am taking. and when i feel tearful girl with waterflowing eyes.

the name i love for me would be "heartdancer "as i love dancing I discovered 5 rhythms dancing quite a few years ago and loved it. someone there calls me water bearer and that resonates with me as well.


Dances with buses.... I never seem to be able to cross the road before one comes tearing along and gets me leaping out of the way...


Love that one!


Beats Dances with Wolves, one of my all time fave movies! ;)


very funny! tho not in real life of course ... ;)


I'd probably be 'she who walks like a penguin', 'she who drops everything', 'she who is very vocal in her moans and groans', and 'she who fights but often loses'!!


What great names and such fun too!!! today my name would be ' She who walks with trusty sticks ' as today I am suffering for getting in the car twice yesterday.........feels like I did a work out!!! :-p


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