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The mystery of the broken glass

I grabbed my phone, tried to rub the cobweb like image from its front to find it is broken - um- strange- looks like it has been bitten and the web of cracks is spreading out from top right hand side down to the bottom. Drat that means however it happened I will have to go into the City and see if it can be repaired. Thoroughly un impressed this is my job for today, so best foot forward and all that .

Fingers crossed it will be mended tell you later xgins

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So that dream you had last night about nibbling on your OHs ear turned out to be your phone.... Say no more we understand completely :P

VG x


Thanks VG chuckling as usual no I blame the dog rekon she picked it up and closed her teeth together......... :)



Why not go online and get a replacement screen and fixing kit it will cost a fraction of what you would be charged at a shop my oh does it all the time it was useful when our girls lived at home . Sithy


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