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feeling really bleughhhhh this week

this week has been a mighty bad i am considering taking a few days off sick as im working all weekend...i have not had any sick from work since april and i think that's brilliant..but this week i have literally dragged myself around...not sleeping all night, waking up to pee twice in the night, panicky in the night with breathlessness as forgetting to breathe and shocking RLS. I have had a pretty crappy couple of weeks at work, I have resorted to showning my OHS doctors letter to a hater at work as i was not capable of performing one of my duties and told her the fatigue was extreme at the moment..she replied " we are all tired here" then she said i look fine to her..wanted to punch her in the face..but couldnt muster the energy:-) so it could be stress.

i had a physio appointment on tuesday, she wanted to assess my hypermobile joints and see my i agreed to bend ( and bendy i am!! ) but i did tell her i will suffer later on...still had to do it.. I'm really struggling to keep going... ( on the sofa in my PJ's right now)

so from sunday last week i started with the plantar fasciitis so walking on tippy toes first thing in the morning, burning painful legs at night. stiffness and fatigue all damn day!! dizzy and brain fogged! I was taking the nortryptiline but as i have not been getting in from work till 8.30pm it has been too late to take it. maybe its that...maybe its the weather (no sun) maybe its pre menstural.. maybe its just the way it goes.

good weekend peeps ..i think mine will be mostly spent zzzzzzzzzzzzing

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I say f..k the lot,and move broad!!i know how you feel Hun,I'm just about to write a blog myself,realy sad today:( have Day on the sofa and be kind to yourself !


Here Here I second that....ppl just DONT understand to busy with theirs! so shall be busy with mine!!,,xx


Sorry your going through the mill lou,it is bad . I think we should start up a comune just for fibroites and CFS and clear off to sunnier climes :-) I for one would love to go abroad and get some sun in my tired ole bones...can get the accomodation and flight ,,but hubby can't travel on a plane,and I have no one to go with so I just (((((((((Dream )))))))))))) lol. It would be great as no wheel chair now because I just got my new scooter and I can take it on the plane with my blue badge. Just need to be a bit better and have somene to go with and sunshine here we come lol

seriously tho hunny you take care,

Gentle hugs **/**



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