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finally applied

hi all well after 3years of wondering if it is worth applying for DLA i finally did it and sent forms off on tuesday although i will admit im not hopfull at all i no alot of us who suffer with fibro get turnt down but i can only try i really hope i do get it though i even wrote 5 a4 pages on how it affects my every day life and my pains ect ect i just hope this may be enuf lol the only other prop ill have is my doctor shes a pain and although she knows i have fibro and take meds i dont think she will right up a good report as iv never told her what its like at home how hard it is to cope at home ect ect i go there and complain about pain and all that results in is keep taking ur meds and stay active haha iv just told you i can bearly walk and thats what you tell me top do haha lol

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If I were you Lizzy I would be straight up to that doctors with a few a4 pages about how it does affect you at home. I did and my gp kept them. Now I don't know whether they went in my file or in the bin but I did get some dla , the lowest, but I got some thank god xxxxxx


well done!

ask admin for the benefits & work info. there's a form for you to fill in and give to your gp to help them write you a support letter.




Hi..How do you go about getting new to all this..Thanks xx


If you google it you can fill in the form online & send it online or print it off and post it.

I did mine online it wasn't too bad.Do email Admin for the benefits & work info it will help you to fill it in.


Thanks,im not sure im bad enough to claim for it..:-(..I dont need help with my care etc...just a struggle to work such long hours,and as i said im due to retire next sept..and would like to carry on working if possible...just a few hours a week xx


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