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Please, read & sign the partition.....this drug is inexpensive but really amazing!

Dear Fibro Friends,

I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition which I recently signed:

"LDN Petition to the European Parliament "

I really think this is an important cause, and I'd like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It's free and takes just a few seconds of your time.

Thanks! Gentle hugs to all -x-

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Watch out for this - it takes you to a screen where you are asked to make a $25 donation! I'm not altogether sure if this is genuine or not because of the request for a donation!


I wasn't award of this, but did you read about the benefits which LDN can have? I hope you did look into it a bit further. There is much on You Tube regarding the subject.

Dr. Chris, (of TV) frame, sorry can't recall surname at the moment. Anyway on You Tube he talks of and endorses it's many virtues, for MS in particular. The treatment drugs for which, are extremely expensive yet ineffective, where as LDN is the reverse. If licensed for pain relief (in low dose form), the NHS could ultimately save a fortune, & the benefits to chronic pain sufferers would be immense.


It does explain the donation is not for LND its for Ipetitions so no connections. Perfectly safe.


Excellent.....did you sign Jenni? We need as many as pos. to hopefully get the ball rolling. Who wouldn't want to be rid or helped with their pain, when the inexpensive treatment is already out there. It just needs to be licensed for a different use, that's all. It is extremely safe.

Do watch Dr. Chris Steele (ITV Doctor) telling of it's virtues on YouTube, if you haven't already.


~Yes I signed hun still to check Dr Chris, thanks for finding his surname.

I want to be safe but I will give anything a go just to be free of all this x


Studies of low-dose naltrexone (LDN) for fibromyalgia are in the early stages, which means it's too soon for most doctors to be comfortable prescribing it. However, it's been on the market for a long time and is relatively cheap.

The latest preliminary data from Stanford suggest that LDN makes a significant difference in almost half of us (48.5%), and made a smaller difference in another quarter. Participants reported that it was almost as tolerable as a placebo - and for a group of folks who have trouble tolerating anything, that's a big deal! The most common side effects were headache and vivid dreams.

It's worth noting that LDN doesn't appear to help with our fatigue or sleep quality. Pain has been the primary focus of the studies thus far, so we don't know what, if any, impact it may have on our other myriad symptoms. Still, when you're constantly wracked with intense pain, pain relief is probably your primary focus, too! There's also the general tendency for lowering pain levels to help our nervous systems quiet down, thus indirectly helping alleviate other symptoms


Yes it helps symptoms of IBS, at the very least. I'm sure that our sleep would improve too, if our pain was dramatically reduced. :-)


I have used this for two years now and found it benefits sleep and fatigue and certainly stops the infections I constantly suffered from,best thing I could do for my fibro/ME/CFS along with glutathione and NDT.Easy to get hold of as my gp refused prescription and relatively inexpensive as only a small dose is required.The one drawback is that you cant use opoids in conjunction with it.


Hi there Kym, nice to hear that you've had good results with LDN, and above all that you managed to get it prescribed. I will definitely have a word with Doc about it and see if she is willing to do the same for me. Some will I believe.

Just re-read, sorry if i have that wrong. Or were you meaning the Gluatione was not prescribed? Sorry brain won't engage yet!

Did the 'Night-shift' as I call way did I get a wink of sleep last night, so feeling a complete dog. I guess you probably know what it's like to do that, such is the nature of the beast!

Not heard of Gluatione, & NDT. what are they? Will google later.

Wishing you a less painful day, Annette.


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