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morning all

my fibro playing up again plus my arthrites dont know which part of mybody isnt hurting atthe moment ,went to docs yesterday got more tablets still feeling low with the depression ,On a good note been putting in for a bunglow or flat and ticked for indepeant living , even thow im under 60 ,got letter from housing on friday and had to ring them up ,got to see the manger of indepent living,it went well, so passed there critira ,so been told got a chance of a ground floor flat if this other person doesnt macth there critiria, ,will have care link .and check up see if im ok once a day , if moving soon got abrill boyfreind and family to do all the lifting and carrying.also the decorating, will have to ring dhss for a grant form or get a loan as need carpets extra , its so frustraiting i cant do anything ,,going away with boyfreind to scotland tommrow for a fewdays break ,but first hospital appointment for my ankle ,still not right ,been just over a year now ,

all have a good day and keep warm . xx

gentle hugs ,

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fingers crossed it works out for you. please let us know how hospital appt goes too. and finally have a lovely break away xx


Best of luck hope you get the bungalow/ ground floor flat I am daft astill good luck enjoy your break in Scotland where are you going? xgins


hi gins im going up to dumfries to see my eldest son and his wife ,thankyou for the support ,,its not knowing if i got anyof them , as need to get settle befor xmas , been layed in bed this last few days as feeling very tired still , better get my tablets and get my bag packed

have a good day x


i went to dumfries for 2 weeks with my family in august .. what a beautiful place .. we will def be going back to scotland next year .. hope you have a lovely few days away .. good luck with the flat etc


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