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Hi everybody, i had a medical 6 weeks ago had a letter on friday saying i failed the medical and was awarded nil points towards the 15 points required to pass. they just stopped my benefit immediately without any warning. I live alone and im just so depressed and stressed and in utter agaony. Can anybody advise me please, I have fibromyalgia, ME , diabetes, depression and various other illnesses.

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  • You need to get in the CAB and appeal against the decision asap, ring tomorrow and make an appointment. i wish you luck. But dont give up the fight. x

  • i went thru this in 2005 and exactly the same hapened to me.ina 15-20 minute mediacl teh man from , atos gave me nil points and he had twisted everythign around what i told him i couldnt do to being able to do.i won an appeal with help points total wa saround the CAB and sort this.i wish you th ebest of luck

  • This has just happened to me if you ring them and write and say you are going to appeal your money will start again while the appeal is heard i have heard that this can take ages. i am waiting for an appointment withCAB i wish you good luck you and i will be appealing and we WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This has happened to me twice - I won the first Appeal and have a second to face next month. During the Assessment phase (when the Appeal is submitted) my weekly allowance dropped by £25 per week, this amount will be refunded on the successful outcome of your Appeal. Good luck.

  • thank you to everyone who has replied, it helps to know that its not just me in this situation... but at the same time it stinks i'm sorry we all have to face this added stress and anxiety. x

  • I had the medical. The nurse who did it (not a practitioner) said she could not assess me properly because I was in too much pain. She therefore did not do my assessment properly and I was put into the work related ESA group. How they can decide you can work when you are in too much pain to walk or even lift your arms is beyond me. My entitlement ran out at the beginning of October and I was told I am not entitled to any help at all. I am currently living on my DLA and facing homelessness in the near future unless I can get some financial help. I cannot even afford to eat on what I have coming in. Beginning to think I would be better off dead.

  • I hope you can get some support from somewhere, and don't mind me making a few suggestions - Shelter freephone helpline will give you good advice - Local Council Housing Options Department - CAB. There are some charities than will provide food coupons for persons struggling to buy food - I don't know why you have been told you are not entitled to any help - there is a period of time I believe where you can reapply for ESA. DIAL may be of help. There are some charities which can provide grants (Turn2Us would help here). I hope these suggestions will point you in the right direction - I empathize with the horrendous struggle you are under financially, and the risk of losing your home - the least we can ask for in life is a roof over our head and food. Let's hope things work out better for you in the near future - and that receive help.

  • You are coping with the type of scenario that led to my overdose. Please keep fighting! These wonderful people on this site have given me hope, let them do it for you too. Somewhere there is a solution, you just have to speak to the right people. Adult services & the mental health services turned me away. I gave up in despair but now I am fighting back. I am entitled to help & you most certainly are.

    I really hope things turn around for you soon xxxx

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