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Following on from my blog how do I report a nurse for various reasons

I posted a blog about my treatment from a horrible malicious nurse, and thank you all so very much for helpin me and giving me the strength to take this further and stop her from being able to treat any other patient this way, so my question is how do I go about this, I don't no her name but I no wat station ward I was on, I no wat she looks like and I certainly no WAT she sounds like., but I don't have a clue where to start. Thank u all so very much. Take care Michelle

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hi ,all hospitals have a complaints procedure so if you look on thier website it should tell you how to complain. although you can't remember her name they will be able to work it out from shifts days off etc. i admire you for going ahead and reporting her she is a disgrace to her proffession x


I agree with irisjoy,all hospitals have a complaints procedure which isn't difficult to follow,I work in a hospital ( well I shud be but been off for 6weeks) anyway the hospital where I work welcome any complaints so they can make the improvements in the right care we are entitled too,they will soon find out who it was by the shifts,they will even no the area she was on and even all the patients she was supposed to take care of,so please trust in what we are saying,you have a right to complain not just for you but for the other patients Aswell,so don't hesitate anymore,you can go online and find the hospital and it shud say who to contact,if not then ring main desk,you don't have to tell them anything,just say ur the like contact detail for complaints,so good luck and keep us informed x


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