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Day 3 & 4

Just updating my blog on the Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy and Occupational Therapy that I have been taking part in.

Days 3 & 4 have been much less painful for me and I'm really enjoying myself. I have started making my woven stool in OT and I'm very proud of it. It's held on a high rack, which help me to stretch my arm and I've got pretty far already. The weaving is very good exercise for my shoulder and takes my mind off the fact that I am exercising. Being a keen crafter, this is right up my street. :)

My individual exercises are hard, and it is embarrassing working out in front of others, but they are tiring me out and I'm sleeping well. It's mainly resistance training, and I am feeling the benefits of it.

The hydropool is my favourite part of the morning. It's so warm and relaxing and the games we play remind me of the kid's game shows, like Fun House. (Lol). We play games like Netball and Tag, as well as power walking through the jets.

I'm not aching half as much as I was this time last week, which I am amazed at. If you have been following my blog, you might have read how sore I had been, but I was flaring up and I am definitely feeling MUCH better tonight.

My next session is Tuesday, so I have a nice, long weekend to recuperate now. Enjoy your weekend everyone. Thank you for reading. :) xxx

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Gemarella I am so happy that this is working for you..thank you for sharing, and you go from strength to strength .. well done... and have a wonderful relaxing weekend .. ;-) x


Fantastic news that and iam really proud of you , as iam doing the same and have you noticed that you feel better ???



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