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Oh what a night!!! never slept a wink!!!!!

Well I went to bed at 11 read a bit as usual but felt as if I had run a marathon. My legs hurt so much..............My Dr had put my water tablets up due to my fluid retention,and I was nipping to the Loo all day about every ten min's . Usually only walk to the loo few times....well I am now suffering for it. ....The pain was so bad I could not sleep never slept at all and could not get up as not safe on my own. It was a long night!!

My husband came in to see me in the morning ,and said I should have called him but he takes meds so I did not want him being ill today!!! What a pair. I tried all day to settle and maybe sleep but no way. This day will be a long one if I don't get any relief from the pain I am in. Topped up with pain killers.

Thinking it could not get worse and wishing they would hurry up and sort my physio andFibro clinic. When my husband came in smiling telling me it was the Main Physio dept. ! Hooo -bloomin -ray offering me an appointment this friday at warminster. No pool and No Reumatology unit.........So back to square one. I am so fed up with it all they just fob me off all the time blaming someone for getting it wrong!!! and in the mean time I am getting worse!!! :-(

(((((((((((((((((((((Hugs to every one )))))))))))))))))))))) hope your day is good

Sorry about the rant x x RD x

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HI there

do not apologise for you blog and you are not ranting !! you have to let it out and share what is happening or you will just seize up with yourself bless.

So sorry you could not sleep!! have you not been given anything to help you sleep??

I was the opposite unfortunately, so much so i slept in!! i never sleep in ever!!!!

i must of been solid, i do not understand how you all seem to have sleeping problems and i am ok at moment, although i have to admit i have had really bad episodes and feel constantly badly fatigued even with sleep.

You should call your hubby if he says you should, but i know how you feel too, as if they have their own issues or work etc (like my hubby works and has to do so much around the house when he comes in from work as i just do not have it in me to do anything or too painful to do so)

When some one offers the help you should take it and you must think to yourself that they would NOT offer if they did not want to help !

i get offers but never take up on them .

My mum lives 10 miles from me and would have to get a bus, so i hate putton on her.

My hubby has to work and does not like it if he cannot help me if i am magneted to the bed all day.

I could not read in bed haahah i would just zonk, it is the same with the TV in bed i just never know i have gone to sleep, its like having a necklace mesmorising me sleeeeep lol then wake up 10 times in the night, but just at moment i am sleeping! too heavyl.

Please do keep chatting with anything you like as no one minds at all.

ohhh and the physio i have not been offered anything and no more tests just a Brain specialist to help me cope??!!! which annoys me as i went to Rheumotology and to other physio and they said nothing they could do for me so i no idea where i stand and as it goes i not thought recently to ask Dr why!! silly me i guess xxx

cazzie xxxxx


Hi Cassy I do often sleep at night but when I wake up I am still tired,sometimes I hibernate and stay put all day lol but that is when the pain is not so bad. That night I could not get comfortable and as I cant turn over by myself my left side hurt so much,it kept me awake and I was exhausted trying to turn over. Pulled my muscles,and got cramp. What a night......

The reason I don't call my husband is because he looks after me all day,he gets me up helps me wash then he has to dress me well bottom half,but stay with me for whole time as I fall easily. He helps me on to my chair lift then gets me off,has to help me to the loo even.....he cooks, has to do the shopping,Go and visit my Mum as I had no choice but to put her in a home. ( I was her main carer for 14 years ) He even drives every where Dr,s Hospital etc when he hadent driven for years.

My Husband has Ostio Arthritis and Rhumatoid Atheritis and Spondulosis of the spine ( Not sure if they are spelt right.) and PTSD due to being in the army for over 22 years,he took ill in Bosnia in 92 and I have cared for him ever since.His PTSD gives him flashbacks and night terrors so he has to have really strong tablets to knock him out.The only time I call him at night is for an emergency because of this...........I had CVFS since 96 but struggled on and when my father died in 97 I also had my mother to look after., and last year she nearly died and I sat with her in hospital for three weeks. (She pulled through ) My Dr now says the long term stress I was under is what has bought about this flare ,I now have Acute Fibro and my CFS has also kicked in and I am too ill at the moment to have a Double knee replacement. He said I am not strong enough for the rehab as I cant stand on my own as my muscles are too weak !!

Today I am not so bad as yesterday as I did manage to sleep and I had to stay in bed because my husband had a Dr appointment himself,and the safest place was in my bed :-)

Thankyou for talking to me I hope you are not too bad this afternoon x

((((((((((((((((((((((Gentle Hugs)))))))))))))))))))))

Rainbow x xx x


Hi Rainbowdancer

I too have terrible time with sleep, its either the pain that wakes me or numb hands and arms, I have carpal Tunnel too,(hope dr will sort soon) or i just wake up like someone has put the light on, its 03.53 now have been awake since midnight. I also snore v loudly, so my family say! i have been like this for years, so fedup with it.

I hope u get to sort hosp out v soon, and the pain wears off abit.

I'm just off to the toilet! and to take tablets!

Take care and soft hugs xx


Hi I am a bit better today having had some sleep thank goodness, and the aweful pain I was in the day before has eased off a bit!! :-) My Physio is still not sorted and I have now got far worse than I was when I saw the surgion x

Mind you when I couldnt sleep I did manage to do a meditation and wrote a poem so it was not all bad eh !!

It is so hard for all of us but thank goodness we have this forham x

Gentle Hugs to you and take care


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