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Home from Hospital

Had the operation on 10th to fit plate to my fibula and support in ligaments of ankle, was supposed to be in only overnight, but just home last night 6 days later. Looks like some damage to nerves the pain was unbearable was on morphine 2 hourly, tramadol 50 x 2, 4 times a day, cocodamol 30/500 x2, 4 times daily and pregabalin 50 3 x times a day and still wide awake and was in pain. How is it possible to take all these medicines and still be in pain. Doctors amazed said I should be knocked out with all these pain meds, operation I had an epidural and they also give me sedative meds high doses to help me relax during op and op I was actually ok. To be reviewed next Tuesday to see how the pain is settling. Only good thing to come out this is that my fibro pain of my body feeling bruised all over has gone and my feel body just feels numb to touch now from starting the pregabalin. Fingers crossed things start to settle now. As for consultant that told me to go back to work in August as fracture was repaired a serious complaint has been lodged and is now in the hands of a lawyer. Please wish me luck to a speedy recovery xxx

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Welcome back and good luck with the complaint... Hope you feel BETTER than your normal self soon... And the fibro stays at bay a little while

VG x


huggles i hope u recover well and u get some relief!!! sending u healing energy xxxxx


Morning what a torrid time you have had are you home now? Glad you are starting to feel a little better I wish you a speedy recovery thinking of you xgins


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