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GP tomorrow, then I'll feel better - right?

4 days since my marathon trek to Bath for hydrotherapy & I'm still suffering! Since I got home, I've basically slept. When I'm awake I'm in so much pain that I've even considered suicide! It's taken this long to get a doctors' appointment, but I don't for one minute think She'll be able to help. I'm not generally depressed but I just can't bear the idea of spending the rest of my life like this.

I have to tackle the journey again on Wednesday as I have an OT assessment & I need that,but I've had to cancel further Hydrotherapy, the physio agrees that I'm just not up to it at the moment. I have Shibashi & Tai Chi lessons tomorrow but I'll give them a miss, unless I'm feeling heaps better (dream?) then I will do them seated.

A couple of rays of sunshine though, firstly adult services have agreed to reinstate my direct payments, so I will be able to employ a part time helper. It's only going to be 7 hours a week, but I'll be able to use them as and when I most need them.

The other good news is that there is a privately owned hydro opening in Frome later this month & I have been told that I will be able to use it. Dial a ride will be able to take me there, so there won't be any walking! Brilliant or what!

So all I have to do is ride out this flare, get a back - dated sick note from a GP I've never met & persuade DWP to give me my ESA payments back ,then deal with the DLA reassessment.. It's such an easy life, isn't it? It must be, after all, people keep telling me how well I look!

Oh the joys of Fibromyalgia!!!

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Hi cobweb,

There is a few positives in there so do not let the negatives take over!

We/i are here to let off your frustrations and how you are feeling and its not nice when you do not feel upto anything as it is difficult and the flares well nothing helps them!!

apart from just resting i believe (have no choice)

You must stress to your GP though how you are feeling as they do listen when you are feeling that low (are you taking anything to help your depression) ??

When i have flares i am stuck in bed and have to be waited on hand an foot as just getting to the loo is a chore! and as much as a lot may think am lucky with a small business it is so very stressful and hard work as i have to be available 24/7 staff and customers!

i cannot afford but i keep trying to keep a positive attitude because in my mind it believes i will recover although my heart says that will not be the case and to go from one life to another and bee disabled is so very very hard to accept and you have a roller coaster ride

Got a mortgage and more to keep going or will lose everything and thats depressing when worked hard to build things up and plan a future, now we just take each day as it comes as it is 'unpredictable' ..

i think your doing brilliantly with all what you ahve lined up and ok so you may not feel like it now as your body says no but once it wakes up a little after the flare you should try your hardest to do as i would love you to tell me what Tai Chi is like as i just no energy after chauffering and the work etc i am zeded on my sofa soon as that door opens !

Hydrotherapy?? or i will have to google it whats that and how does it help if i may ask pleeeasey

soft fluffy gentle cloud huggles to you and spill out whatever you are feeling !! we will try answer and help the best we can truly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Sorry that you're suffering so. I too fought so hard to keep life as it was. Tai chi was a crippler for me even before I was diagnosed! Social Services were to give me an extra 2 hours a day on direct payments, then they wanted to take away instead. I'm afraid to be re-assessed now. Don't know how I would cope without my assistant. Glad that yours has been reinstated. Best wishes and hugs xx


Dear Cobweb, It is tough this dam fibro. But never give up Hun you are going to improve it just takes us longer than most people. How marvelous that you have an assistant for 7 hours a week what a difference that must make to the quality of life.

So please take heart and work on the positives some days we are useless but others we are magnificent so have a magnificent day love & hugs ((())) xgins


I know exactly how u feel hun. 2 yrs ago, my ex left me, I had 2 kids, no help n loads of assessments 2 try n stay awake 4. Luckily now I hav a pa 2 pick my daughter up from school n do the housework etc. Currently sleeping 18hrs a day :( due 2 a flare caused by a cold. GET THE DOC OUT TO U! & the assessors. It's the only way people c wot ur really going thru n u shud get more hrs. In total sympathy xxx


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