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Wooden Blanket Raiser

Hi Everyone, Can anyone help me please. I need a frame to hold the duvet off my feet at night as the pressure is to painful. I need one that attaches to the mattress so that when i raise the foot of my bed (electric bed) it moves with it. My mum has one but we cant remember where we got it from.

If anyone can help me it would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you.

Wish everyone a good, pain free day.

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Blanket Cradle's can be bought quite reasonably from Amazon, Ebay, Discount Mobility and other such places. Lloyd's Pharmacy sell one but it's more expensive. Hope this helps. :)

I have personally never seen a wooden one?!


Your local district nurse should be able to provide one ... I was told to contact them... But my OH butchered a very strong cardboard box and that works fine .. As its only small and I only need the weight off one ankle


please can I add a joke?

I've never seen a wooden blanket!




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