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morning fibro freinds ,

up date on trying to move ,got letter from special needs rehousing ,I do meet there criteria .but to be told going to be ages to see me ,but only can put in for propertys under the band i am in now, ,

seen docter monday shes going to write a letter to them ,

with cold weather approching iv just bought myself a electric blanket , some thermal vests, and a good pair of warm boots , as you no cold wether plays a big part with fibro and ostioarthties ,,if you on benfits or low income you can get a warm front grant even if you own your home or private renteded for cavitay wall insullation ,and loft insulation plus a boiler cover to .,

was looking today see if i could get help with my winter bills ,but no joy as im under 60 even thow have got to have heating on allday as i get cold in my bones ,easley ,with having ostioarthrits, all over and fibro .

all have a goodday and keep warm xx. ,

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hi tinkerbell66..

i am glad for you that you got ur letter from specail needs housing,

i got my mobility house and it is very nice looks small from the out sida but when you get in side its big and wheelchair adapted..

i am with british gas and my electric ,and been told that i can can winter fuel as i am on dla and esa, every year they pay £130 onto ur gas between january and march. i get my first payment in febuary.

sorry for the babble head not thinking right hugs


thank you for the tip regarding gas and electric phoned them other day asked me what befites i was on and quilfyed for the £130 off my electeric but asked not on gas .they said alot of peaple dont have gas, anyway they giving my first payment in january ,not alot of disabled peaple know this , thank you so much ,have agreat dayxx ,

i put infor 3 bunglows this week only to be told dont quilify asim not 50 and havnt had my assement yet ,its so frustrating every day i struggle .,x


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