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More broken ribs

Welli went to new gp tis morning he was very nice and listened to my list,, then delivered the great news .... My tickly cough... Which I cant take any cough medicines for cos they interact with the meds I take.. He said when you get the cough eat a bit of chocolate... I honestly though he s joking ..but no...... Apparently chocolate or honey .. Well I know which I am going to use..... Bad new my ibs I have to see a consultant at the hospital...good news I can continue the meds he wanted to stop .. Bad news I have broken another couple of ribs.

On the whole better than I thought :)

VG x

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wow how did you break your ribs?thats nasty i broke all mine in the crash on both sides and boy is it painful.

hope yre soon feeling better .good luck with hospital xx


Ouch sammy, really sorry about that , that must have been really traumatic, but on the bright side you have a really better explanation for your ribs than I do ... I broke 2 at Christmas falling against a radiator ... It's metal, so that doesn't sound as pathetic as this new one ... I went to put the rubbish in the wheelie bin decided to take two bags and not use my stick.. Stupid stupid stupid, opened bin and promptly lost my balance putting rubbish in and fell forward into the bin.. It was too high for me to fall all the way in and the edge of the PLASTIC bin hit my ribs .... How can you break ribs on a plastic bin ... It sounds so wimpy and pathetic.

Gentle hugs

VG x


hi VG (VERYGOOD) glad it went well @ GPs have you been tested for osteoporosis don't have it but maybe worth investigating ? no matter how you did it it is so painful especially when you have a cough, take care , warm hugs x j


I've got some Toblerone here so will try to see if that'll help with my cough too! Got some of the Wispa chocolate pud pots that ASDA have for 50p at the moment if the Toblerone doesn't work!

Do you take anything with codeine in it? It can act as a cough suppressant - been taking it more regularly the last couple of days and it's helped a bit (normally I keep 30/500s for just at night but I have been taking lower doses during the day).

I broke ribs last year with all the coughing I was doing thanks to a chest infection! My sister in law didn't help matters sitting next to me at the recording of Mrs Brown's Boys Super Mammy episode being recorded - she kept digging me in the side to tell me her ribs were sore with laughing so much (you can hear her laugh in some of the scenes that made it to screen).

Today, a year almost to the day, I've been back at the Doc with another chest infection only this time something went crack in my neck yesterday followed a few hours later by another crack in my lumbar area - doc reckons it's "just muscle related" but it's also in 2 of the areas affected by spondylosis.

Hope you feel better soon!


Unfortunately I can't take anything with codeine or opiate based or basically any meds that normal people take am limited to my two night meds .... They suit... Lanzoprazole and also allergic to penicillin and the usual one they give if you can't take penecillin.... Basically my heads ok ... Apart from the fibro fog and eyesight ... In fact I admit it my body's just cream crackered

VG xx


Sorry to read this VG but hope the choccy makes you feel better, gentle ((hugs))




Ohh no VG how on earth you done that?

Very painful i may say since had 2 prevously myself and could barely look after my kids.

Chocolate thats a 1 st i must say but have you tried?

Ibs i can defo sympathise never suffered so much and had it 24 yrs now i feel i need my insides x raying lol as something serms wrong lol.

Constipation and bleeding dont help or not quick enough for runs running too fast ohps lets get changed ..

I have to smile or will get worked up hoh xx

So your having a bit of rough time very sorry as non of us want it but we can sh sh shaaare our pooos n pees never mind the p's n Q's xxxxxx huggles to you xx


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