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Hi everyone, i hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

I went to my Gp the other day and she has now given me a new medication, i swear the list of meds is getting longer lol, roughly how long did it take for people to finally find out which medication was suitable for them ???? Also i have been feeling very very weak of late looks like a flare up is on the cards within the next few days, does anyone know if there is a kind of diet i could follow to help me lose a little weight and which may help my fibro ???? many thanks for reading gentle hugs xxx

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My Med list

Gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day

fluoxetine 40mg daily

levothyroxine 125mg daily

aripiprazole 5mg daily

Iron 14mg daily

calcium 400mg 3 times a day

vitamin D 3 times daily


hi sarah i have scoliosis and going through trying to get sorted with the fibro so at the moment i am on 200mg tramadol 2 times a day, gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day, amitrypaline 5mg x 3,50mg tramadol 50mg x 4,naproxen 500mg 2 times a day,paracetamol 500mg x 8, multi vitamins,water tablets for bloating x think thats it at the moment lol xx


Hi Sarah with fibro were all like walking chemist I'm on loads as well

Levothyroxine .....tramadol ....pregabalin amitrypaline .......calcium ....vitamins .....paracetamol.......metformin insulin and putting cream on every day all together I'm on 26 pills daily plus inject twice daily and once weekly chin up chick you will get use to it lol


Hi Darren, hope you don't mind my asking but what cream do you use is it for pain, Thank You



Hi jayjay it's only ibuleave it keeps my bones warm and helps a bit it works 4 me but might not work on everyone talk soon chic xx


Hi, I have lost a stone and 3lbs by following the Fast Diet. Average weight loss is 1lb a week. Eat whatever you fancy for any 5 days pick 2 days and on these eat only 500 calories. So Brunch = 2 poached eggs half a bag of spinach large tomato and large mushroom. Dinner is homemade ratatouille or salmon and veg. Lots more recipes in the Fast Diet cookbook. may work for you too, apparently has lots of health benefits like improving cognitions.


That is one I have only vaguely heard of I may have a go too . Fat diet cook book hmmm. xgins


Hi, do you find the gabapentine. Helps with the pain.


my friend who has ms finds them good and my brother who has chronic pain does too but for me when i was on them caused me really bad side affects to the point i didnt know who i was at one point and havin severe absences... i didnt notice this as i just plodded along i just thought my fivbro was gettin worse lol . it was my sister who rained me in and explained that i hadnt been right that i did notice that the past 4 months on em i couldnt really remember n htings was all ablur n noticed i was really agressive when speakin to people. so my advice is to anyone is keep a dairy and ask friends and family to keep eye on you and if things seem to be worse than better then ya know they not for you. but like i said everyone is different am they might just work wonders for you its all trial and error hun till ya find the right mix for you. i am on nortripyline now and yes i still get side affects from them but they do actually help with some of my skin sensations and restless legs... but the rest it dont touch lol.. but am greatful they help a ikkle tho.x gl hun hope ya find the right mix for you soon x n remember keep a diary so you know what ya had and what mix of drugs you have tried n which ones help with what and which ones dont n side effects etc x


Hi all,

I have found Slimming World very good - there's heaps to eat, and it's healthy, cheap and cheerful. It's kept me size 10 - 12 for years, and I'm 65. It's the diet that we nurses and doctors like the best, and I don't own shares, I promise you!

I don't go to the meetings, as I'm not a 'clubby' person, but some people find it a great support and enjoy the company. I use it online, but I know the routine inside out now, so I no longer need to pay. I do buy the magazines, tho', which are a nice read and full of lovely recipes.

Keeping your weight on the low side makes such a difference to pain levels. It improves mobility and self-esteem, too, so it's a good thing to do for yourself.

On the question of medication; a good rule of thumb is that if you are on more than five items of medication (excluding Insulin, inhalers, and prescribed vitamin supplements) then you should query with your doctor if the list can be reduced. Most good pharmacists will review your medication and advise whether you should ask your GP to modify your treatment. They are experts on pharmacology and often consulted by doctors.

I hope this is helpful :)

Moffy x


Hiya all

I just thought I'd let u all know that I'm on 26 tabs a day, and that doesn't include my inhalers,vitamins,my ibs meds or my bipolar meds. I have had bipolar disorder for 18 yrs and when I was diagnosed with fm I had a mental relapseas well.The fm and bd was working against one another.It was really hard to cope with as I have 3 children and am married and hadn't had a relapse for 10 yrs. But I got a good clinical wrap around for both conditions and great meds combo. My family r totally supportive now and I am doing good. Try and stay as active as u can, rest when u can, only eat if u r hungry and drink plenty of water.Stay away from alcohol and most importantly try and keep a positive frame of mind as much as u can.I know it's hard, but u will feel the difference. Hope this helps and all the best of luck to u.x


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