Pacing and rewarding, then celebrating - I can, and THANK YOU lol!

Pacing and rewarding, then celebrating - I can, and THANK YOU lol!

I have not blogged very much since health unlocked began as I have been busy supporting local people with fibro with regular coffee mornings and newsletters keeping them in the loop. It has been a funny 8 yeas of fibrofog and for me a huge turning point as thanks to the support I have had from friends and family I have been pacing myself and rewarding myself for each little step of progress I make. I still have fibro , I will always have it but it won't have me moaning about it anymore . What has fibro given me - the opportunity to connect with hundreds of women and share an experience, my journey ,my poetry and ultimately last month as I celebrated my birthday a woderful set of supportive friends some of whom I have never met in person but have been there all along through social media and blogs . I celebrated my birthday week by attending a Women in Business launch and listened to the inspirational talks and was so glad I slept through the day so that I could stay awake for the evening. On my birthday I went for a photoshoot - this time with no wheelchair , me as I am now , 5 1/2 stone lighter , transformed inside and out and they even put some temporary lashes on me ( I lost a lot of my lashes and hair with meds side effects ). I felt wonderful fo 2 whole hours. My hubby came home so I could nap but I was to tired for a birthday meal so had home made pizza and cake in bed - devine. So you see I still pace myself , I have to constantly weigh up if I want to do this then something will have to be sacificed , but it is so worth it . That feeling of I can ! is fabulous and rewarding and speaking of rewards I had the best thankyou this week as I received an email telling me someone had nominated me for an awards as serial social media queen. I had no idea about these awards but was as excited as a child on their birthday as nominations and support came forward . I have now made it to the top 100 and will let you know if I make it though the next round - It is nice to think that for all these years blogging has been not only an outlet for my emotions and frustrations but of some amusement and support to others too - thats what it's all about - thanks guys xx

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  • Congratulations. What an inspiration :-)

  • congratulations so lovely to hear positive things x

  • well done you and a very well done on the weight loss...I need to loose about the same amount of weight and have tried various things without success...I even tried hypnotheraphy however not being able to relax and get into it or out you could say resulted in another fail! x

  • Well done you xx

  • How wonderful, many congratulations to you! :)

  • Many Congratulations to you I feel you are quite inspirational xgins

  • I am inspired and congratulations xxxxx

  • thankyou I am under the duvet today , weather is miserable so I have my heat pad on high , I managed to catch a bug from one of my sons YAY - just shows I cannot predict my health even after all these years LOL !

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